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Past Block of the Month links:

January 2017 Tumbling Block
February 2017 Churn Dash Block
March 2017 Wonky Cross Block
April 2017 Wonky Stars

January 2016 Gem Color Theory Block
February 2016 Improv Ticker Tape Block
March 2016 8" Economy Block
April 2016 Improv 4 patch block
May 2016 Improv Crazy Block
June 2016 Improv Stash Buster Block
July 2016 Staggered Steps Block
August 2016 No Leftovers Block
September 2016 Windmill Block
October 2016 Pumpkin Block
November 2016 Haphazard Block
December 2016 Ornament Block

January 2015 Double Chevron
February 2015 Paper Pieced Pants
March 2015 Circle of Friends Block
April 2015 Friendship Star
May 2015 Modern Scrappy Brick Block
June 2015 Wanta Fanta Block
July 2015 Rolling Tide Block
August 2015 Flying Geese Paper Pieced Block
September 2015  Gold Fish Block
October 2015 Spider Web Block
November 2015 Raspberry Kisses Block
December 2015 Improv Christmas Trees

January 2014 Butterfly
February 2014 Scrappy Trip Around the World
March 2014 Jumble Block
April 2014 Origami Star with bonus pinwheel blocks
May 2014  Wonky Log Cabin
June 2014 Anita Grossman's Arrowhead block
July 2014 Windmill block
August 2014 Modern Wagon Wheel (Rolling Stone) block
September 2014 Hugs and Kisses Variation
October 2014 Scrappy Star
November 2014 Flying Geese
December 2014 The X block

January 2013  Modern Strings
February 2013 Quilter's Choice in Greens
March 2013 Garden Fence
April 2013 Shoofly
May 2013 Scrappy Chevron
June 2013 Ultra Scrappy
July 2013 Snail Trail
August 2013 Pippi Longstocking
September 2013 Bright Star Points on Black
October 2013 Halloween Quilter's Choice
November 2013 Modern Maple
December 2013 Christmas Ornament

January 2012 Designer's Choice
February 2012 Spool Block
March 2012 String Block
April 2012 Funky Wrench
May 2012 Wild Waves
June 2012 Ribbon Star
August 2012 Asterisk
September 2012 Wonky Donut
October 2012 Halloween Theme
December 2012 Christmas Ribbons

March 2011 Wonky Cross Block
April 2011 Mosaic Tile Block
May 2011 Offset Stack Strip Block
June 2011 Designer's Choice in Blue
July 2011 Disappearing 9-patch Block
August 2011 Wonky Star Block
September 2011 Funky Christmas Trees
October 2011 House Block
November 2011 Liberated Rose Block
December 2011 Scot's Plaid Block

Current Challenges

UFO Challenge 2016
All members may create a list of UFOs started before January 1, 2016. You can share a photo of your completed quilts either on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or email it directly to Kelly. You can also bring your items to a guild meeting for Show and Tell so it can be photographed there. Once you complete a project on your list, you'll earn a ticket that will be entered in a raffle. Winners will be announced at our December Holiday party.
Click HERE to submit your name and projects you want to complete! 

Past Challenges

Unwanted UFO Challenge (Oct. 2015)
Bring your unwanted UFO to the meeting so someone else can take a stab at it. Find a UFO you'd like to finish in place of yours. Finish the one you take home in your own way and you may keep it.  Bring it to Show and Tell so we can see what you did!

Name Tag Challenge  
Create a name tag to wear to monthly meetings and guild functions. Any size or technique. You can find some inspiration here. Wear your new creation to each meeting so we know who you are.

UFO Challenge 2015
Back by popular demand: the UFO Challenge for 2015!
All members in good standing may create a list of UFOs started before January 1, 2015. As you complete a project, be sure to share a photo either on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, the MQG Orlando Community boards or email it directly to Kelly. You can also bring your items to a guild meeting for Show and Tell so it can be photographed there. Once you complete a project on your list, you'll earn a ticket that will be entered in a raffle. Winners will be announced at our December Holiday party.
Click HERE to submit your name and projects you want to complete! (To view your list after it's been submitted, please click HERE.)

Riley Blake Fabric Challenge 2015
All members were sent emails for fabric requests to complete this year's Riley Blake Fabric challenge. Click HERE to read a great summary of the information needed to participate. If you were not able to get the free fabrics offered, you can still participate but you will need to purchase the required fabrics on your own. Check local quilt shops for selections. Remember to post completed projects you wish to enter in the Community pages of the MQG. (See Marge for access to the site if you are missing your log in info.)

American Made Brand Tiny Quilt Challenge 2015
All members are invited to participate in the Clothworks Textiles American Made Brand Tiny Quilt Challenge. All quilts must use AMB fabrics and should NOT be published or photographed on social media.  (If you share completed projects at an OMQG meeting, please ask for photos not to be published!) For more details and registration information, click HERE.

Michael Miller Challenge- QuiltCon West 2016
This year, you can participate in the Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge by requesting the fabrics by email. (If you did not get an email invitation from The Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday, May 9, please contact Marge to ensure your email is listed correctly on the MQG site. Click HERE to learn more about the challenge, deadlines and rules for the competition.

The Modern Quilt Guild Charity Challenge - QuiltCon West 2016
The MQG is hosting another member challenge quilt using a specific color palette and improv with intent method. Click HERE for details. More information on our OMQG quilt to follow at future guild meetings.

UFO Challenge 2014

Create a list of UFOs started before April 2, 2014. As you complete a project, be sure to share a photo either on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, the MQG Orlando Community boards or email it directly to Cara. You can also bring your items to a guild meeting for Show and Tell so it can be photographed there. For more information, please check out our BLOG POST
Once you complete a project on your list, you'll earn a ticket that will be entered in a raffle. Winners will be announced at our December Holiday party. (Date and Location- TBD)

Michael Miller Fabric 2014 Challenge

The Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Fabric Challenge  -- The challenge begins March 2014. Use the fat eights provided by the MQG to create any quilted piece. Once your project is complete, upload your photos to the MQG Community Board of FINISHED Michael Miller projects. Submission are due July 25, 2014. You could win a year of free fabric! 

September 2013 Challenges
Name Tag Challenge -- Create a name tag to wear to monthly meetings and guild functions. Any size or technique. You can find some inspiration here. Wear your new creation to our October 2 meeting for a fun prize.

Double Wedding Ring Challenge -- The NYC Mod Quilters have issued a challenge to create double wedding ring quilts. You can find details of the challenge here. OMQG Guild members are encouraged to create double wedding ring inspired quilts and bring them to our December meeting. You can also enter your creation in the NYC Mod Quilters by December 1 for a chance to win great prizes.

Camp Boggy Creek Bunk Quilts -- Our guild will be donating four bunk size quilts (60" x 80") to Camp Boggy Creek, a free camp serving seriously ill children throughout Florida. Preliminary teams were picked at the September meeting. There is a red, blue, green, and yellow team and each team will make a quilt in their team color. Team members will make quilt blocks and work together to get the top quilted and bound. Finished quilts are due at the February 2014 meeting. If you weren't at the September meeting, pick your favorite color and join the team of your choice.

You can also make a wall size quilt to decorate the cabins or a Boggy Creek Bear that campers get to take home after camp. The pattern is here. All items are due at the February meeting.

January 2013  "Madrona Road" fabric challenge

Fabric provided is just beautiful.  Each person receives 7 "fat eighths" and is to make something quilted. (Preferably "modern"). Deadline for finishing is our March meeting.  Use any or all of the challenge fabric. If you choose to add fabrics, add only Madrona Road, or solids. You may choose to keep your finished items, or donate them.

Oct 2012 "ugly fabric" challenge

Each participant brought in an "ugly" FQ in a paper bag.  The bags were put on a table and each person picked one to work with.  We will create a 12 x 12 "finished" block, to be returned at the Nov. meeting. The blocks will then be assembled into a quilt to be donated.

August AAQI challenge

At the August 1, 2012 meeting, we were challenged to make another quilt for AAQI . They are in need of more quilts to take to Houston for the big quilt show.  The quilts will again be registered by one of our "quilt goddesses", (Michele or Rene').  Quilts are due at the Sept Meeting.

QuiltCon Block Challenge

Your challenge is to use the colors of the QuiltCon logo to make a quilt block that reflects what modern quilting means to you.  We encourage you to stretch yourself and plan an interesting composition that represents your own unique voice.  For more information:

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Challenge

We were challenged by Rene' to make a mini quilt, (no larger than 9" x 12") for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  Fifteen members made quilts to submit. Rene' volunteered to be the guild "Goddess" and register the quilts for any members who wanted her to.  This was a very successful challenge and lots of fun.

September Mini Quilt Swap

Back by popular demand...another swap!  If you'd like to participate in this blind swap, make and bring to the September 7, 2011 guild meeting a mini quilt no larger than 9"x12".  The theme for this swap is shapes.  Have fun creating!

Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge

FreeSpirit Fabrics has generously donated 6 different Fat Eights of Jay McCarroll’s new Habitat line of fabric for this challenge.  Here are the guidelines:

·      Only fabrics from the Habitat line (received, purchased or from stash) are to be used, along with any additional solid fabrics. 
·      By receiving the donated fabric, you agree to finish the challenge by the October 5, 2011 deadline and to follow the challenge guidelines.
·      Members are to make a 10.5” (10” finished) block (design of their choice) that will be combined with other member blocks into a charity quilt. 
·      As a bonus challenge, use leftover Habitat fabric and solids to make a mug rug, pincushion, mini quilt, needle book, etc.
·      Pictures will be taken of all projects and added to OMQG’s Flickr group and a special MQG Flickr group set up for this challenge.
·      If you cannot make the October meeting, please make arrangements to have your challenge block turned in and bonus item available for show and tell.

Thanks so much to Free Spirit Fabrics for donating these lovely fabrics!!!  Have fun and get creative!!!  Can’t wait to see what our group designs!

Links to Guild Challenge/Charity Tutorials:
1. Scrappy coasters:  scrappy-coasters-tutorial.html  (If using these for potholders, remember to add the heat resistant padding in them).
2.  Grab n Go potholders: Grab N Go potholders
3.  Retro potholder, (easy), Easy Retro Potholders
4.  Pinwheel potholder Pinwheel potholder
5.  Double potholder (so you don't burn your arms). Double potholders
6.  Scrappy potholders Scrappy potholders
7.  Oven Mitt Oven Mitt
9.  August mtg Hotpad (you'll have to scroll to the top of the page)

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