Saturday, April 9, 2011

May Block of the Month

Please note:  This post has been edited to correct the block size.

May's block of the month is a red and white offset stacked strip block.  (Suggestions for a shorter, more clever name are welcome.)  Lately, combinations of red and white quilts have shown up everywhere!  I am sure the recent Infinite Variety exhibit has something to do with that.  If you have not seen these gorgeous quilts, I encourage you to visit this link.  They are incredible!  There is also a free app available for iPod and iPad.  

May Block of the Month
This month's block is 10" 9 1/2" square unfinished and made with red and white fabrics.
In keeping with our fun, easy, and can be made with scraps on hand approach, here is how I made my block:

From your stash, pull out strips/scraps of red fabrics and solid white fabric.  Cut strips of red fabric 6 1/2" by 2".  Your white fabric should also be 2 inches wide and can vary in length from 4 -6 inches long.  
For each block you will need six strips of red fabric and two sets of six white strips.

Using a SCANT 1/4" seam, sew a white strip and red strip together along the 2" end.  You will do this for all six red strips. It goes faster, if you chain piece the strips.  

Sew the other set of six white strips to the other 2" end of the red strips.  The above picture has been cropped, but you will have six sets of strips with the red fabric in between two strips of solid white fabric.

Arrange your six strips in a way that is visually pleasing.  You want the red strips to be offset somewhat, keeping in mind that the red fabric should be mainly centered and there is enough white on either side to make the block ten inches when trimmed.

Once you have decided on your layout, sew the six strips together along the long edge and trim to a 10" 9 1/2" square.  Use a SCANT 1/4" seam for this block or you may run into trouble ;-)
Note you will have more to trim from the sides (depending on how you centered your red strips and the length of the white strips) but not the top and bottom.

Participation in the Block of the Month program is optional.  You can choose to make one block, two or more blocks or no blocks.  Participating members, bring your block(s) to the May 4th meeting.  Each block you bring gives you a chance at the drawing for all the blocks.

Please feel free to email or comment with any questions you may have.


  1. 9:45am - I'm going to work on these as soon as I finish cleaning and cooking. 9:46am - OK, I'm finished. Now off to the sewing shed! Thanks for the easy block this month.

  2. You're so funny Beth! I'm working on mine today.

  3. Hmmm..I'm thinking of a name for this block. It reminds me of bricks,which reminds me of the 3 little pigs story, hmmm.. . Still thinking.....I'll be back...any ideas?

  4. Is everyone washing their reds before combining them with white? Could be a disaster later if not.

  5. This will also make a nice Christmas block. Or a Christmas table runner.
    For now, Happy Easter everyone!

  6. 4th of july is even closer. Make some blue and white!!!

  7. I will finally get to make it to my first guild meeting. I have been trying to get to one for about 6 months. Can I participate in the block of the month on my first visit?