Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May 2024 General Meeting Minutes


We held a brief business meeting today so that we could get to our lecture. Member-at-Large Ashley Gottshalk welcomed two visitors to our meeting, including the President of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild! She handed out three door prizes - and all winners came wearing their name tags. We had a fantastic turnout of name tags after introducing last month's challenge!

Any members seeking reports from our Treasurer, Community Outreach Chair, or Education Chair may reach out.

The Membership enjoyed Sarah Goer's lecture, Rules and Options of Planned Improv Piecing. Sarah taught us how we can be inspired by the materials we have on hand to create new designs and motifs. We loved her emphasis on keeping the process enjoyable.

We have an upcoming Sarah Goer Zoom workshop, Building Your Improv Toolbox, on June 10 & 11 6PM - 9PM each night. The cost is $45. A sign-up sheet was passed around. 

Bradie Britt won our Education Raffle Basket!

June's Block of the Month will be the Kate's Folly. Instructions were emailed out and are available on our blog.

Sew and Tell was inspiring as always!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

April 2024 General Meeting Minutes


Cara welcomed everyone and reviewed the visitor/guest policy explaining that we did not charge for attendance by non-members. Visitors may come for 2 meetings then we ask that they join. She distributed a Sewing Studio bonus for April 3 only, a coupon for 30% off any one cut of fabric. Cara also requested more information on what Small Groups members would like to form and passed a Small Group sign-up sheet around the meeting.

Member-At-Large Ashley Gottshalk greeted one new visitor! She also introduced our name tag challenge - to make a new name tag by the next meeting. Beginning with the May meeting, you must be wearing your name tag to win a door prize!


Treasurer Ellen Gordon presented our latest financials. Our balance at the end of March was $11,000.

Community Outreach Chair Karol Evans reviewed our outreach projects (charity quilts, pillowcases, drawstring bags, and cat mats). She also explained "Call for Blocks" and showed the square-within-a-square block in 3 size options.

Education Coordinator Debby Manuel reviewed the upcoming Sarah Goer workshop, Building Your Improv Toolbox, information from the newsletter. The Zoom workshop will be June 10 & 11 6PM - 9PM each night. The cost is $45. A sign-up sheet was passed around. Debby also announced that the program for May 1 would be a lecture from Sarah Goer, Rules and Options of Planned Improv Piecing. It will be available for live Zoom from home on the day of the meeting for those who cannot attend. Debby also requested that members who would like to teach a new take on Modern let the board know the topic they would like to teach. There is a $200 honorarium for teaching.

Ginny Chambers won our Education Raffle Basket!

And Nancy Reed won our Block of the Month!

April's Block of the Month will be the Improv 4-patch block. Instructions were emailed out and are available on our blog.

Cara presented a program on what it means to be a part of the Modern Quilt Guild. She reviewed our access to the Modern Quilt Guild website available through our membership in the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, sharing examples of on-demand education. She gave a definition of Modern Traditionalism. She explained that the board is clear that inclusivity is our goal. What if you're not a Modern Quilter? If you want to be here, you belong here. She then reviewed our Sew and Tell Guidelines of showing 2 quilts or one series of quilts. Quilt-adjacent items are welcome, too!

Rene presented our guild challenge for 2024. It is due in September. It is called Designing Modern Traditionalism and a full description will be emailed on Friday. We are also joining in a challenge with the Denver Modern Quilt Guild and she reminded us of our Pinterest board which has many good examples for the challenge.

Sew and Tell was inspiring as always!

Modern Traditionalism Challenge

During our April guild meeting, Cara gave an awesome presentation of "What does it mean that we are The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild" and reiterated that the guild's focus, when it comes to education and programming, will be on Modern Traditionalism and Improv. With that in mind, we would like to challenge members to make a quilt (any size, including a mini quilt) in the Modern Traditionalism aesthetic. Rene' also gave a brief description of the challenge along with resources on Modern Traditionalism. 
Here is an overview of the challenge:
The Modern Quilt Guild has a short video on Modern Traditionalism presented by Holly Clarke that I recommend watching. The following graphic was taken from the webinar and is a good starting point when designing a Modern Traditionalism quilt. Simply select an item from the Traditional column and then one from the Modern column and go for it!

Below are examples of how you can take a traditional block (in this case the churn dash block) and by applying one of the methods under the Modern column you have a traditional-made-modern quilt.
Resources you may find helpful:

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

March 2024 General Meeting Minutes


President Cara Dobrev thanked our outgoing officers for all of their hard work, and Marge was presented with a thank you basket for her service over the past decade.

Member-At-Large Ashley Gottshalk greeted two new visitors and two new members!

Outgoing Treasurer Pamela Edwards presented a summary of our finances for 2023.

Community Outreach Chair Karol Evans presented our 2024 charity, Harbor House, as well as the instructions to make incubator quilts for those interested. We will continue to donate to Impower as new residents arrive.

Education Coordinator Debby Manuel invited participants in the David Owen Hastings workshop to share their work. David was a well-loved instructor, and we hope to have him back in the future!

Priscilla Haga won our Education Raffle Basket!

And Marge won our Block of the Month!

April's Block of the Month will be the Squiggle block. Instructions were emailed out and are available on our blog.

Shelley Doyle delivered a fantastic presentation on artistic touches that can be added to quilts. She discussed adding texture through the use of beads, using crayons and colored pencils to add color, creating crochet-inspired borders, twists on the cathedral window, and more.

Secretary Raven Sanders presented on her first experience at QuiltCon.

Show and Tell was inspiring as always!