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Meet Diana Mattoni

Hi Everyone! I’m Diana and I’ve been a member of the guild since October of 2015. I discovered the guild quite by accident through an online Facebook group, in an effort to connect locally with modern quilters in the area after having moved here from Ohio.

I am a former professional stage manager who used to work in New York City and in regional theaters across the country for more than 15 years before retiring and deciding to channel my creativity into other aspects of my life. I moved from backstage to front of house, house managing for various theaters and also worked in the business world as a corporate trainer, putting my theater skills to good use. It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided I wanted to make a quilt. I’d always wanted a handmade quilt, it just never occurred to me to make one myself. Why, I have no idea. Possibly because I thought I hated sewing. And I do. I HATE traditional garment sewing. Okay, hate is a strong word. But what I had to do in graduate school – pattern dr…
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Quilt con Charity Quilt Announced

The 2018 Quiltcon Charity Quilt Challenge was announced today. This year individual members are encouraged to enter in teams of four or more. 
The theme is Modern Traditionalism, encouraging members to reinterpret one or more traditional blocks or quilt designs using a predetermined color palette.
The design coordinates well with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's current Modern Traditional Challenge.  The Community Outreach team will begin working on this project, if you would like to participate with ideas or a design contact Debra Jalbert. 
You can read the entire announcement on the Quiltcon website or click this link:  Quiltcon Charity Quilt 2018

The Modern Principles Challenge

Our sincere thanks to Mary Sorensen for designing this program for addressing the mission to put our emphasis this year on exploring the "Modern" aesthetic/what "Modern Quilting" means.
• The goal of the challenge is an original Modern mini-quilt, approximately 24" x 24", using solid color fabrics, designed, pieced and quilted entirely by you! • This challenge will be bi-monthly, at least four - or maybe five - challenges (so 8 or 10 months total) • The challenge starts in April (the first results of block one to be revealed in June) with designing one block, then each bimonthly challenge expands on that original block until the last month we have a mini quilt, approximately 24" x 24"
It goes something like this : 
1.Challenge#1 (April): Modern Traditionalism - reinventing a traditional block, no larger than 8" x 8". This block will be changed, expanded, manipulated as we move forward, so don’t get too caught up in choosing the perfec…
Update on the Block of the Month

 I just wanted everyone to know that a few of us were having trouble with the block of the month trying to get it to come out to 12 1/2 inches… I think that was a miscommunication on my part and I put the directions down wrong so if everyone follows the tutorial whatever size your blocks end up being, that will be fine .... the happy winner of all these beautiful blocks can trim them all to the same size! So,  happy sewing everyone !

April's Maitland Sew Day

There were many busy hands at Monday's Sew Day! 

Donna Haynes with Legal Aid Society shared how our quilts will make an impact with the youth they serve. She also thanked the guild for the Pulse quilts and how receiving them meant so much to the legal staff and volunteers that helped Pulse victims and families. 

We also worked on ShareBears! They are sweet little bears that will help children that are in hospitals.

I think we will see some new name tags at our May meeting!!

Missed Monday's Sew Day?  Join us Saturday at our Dr. Phillips Sew Day!

The Name Tag Challenge is happening !

On my way to my new (and first)  name tag today at Maitland Sew Day. I hope to see all new members joining the challenge !

Quirky Scrap QAL

Are your scraps taking over your sewing area?  Do you feel guilty buying more fabric when you know you have so many beautiful scraps begging to be used up?  Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to even begin putting a dent in those scraps?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we have a fun Quilt Along for you!!  Our guild is going to be sending out monthly assignments via email and social media posts following Leila Gardunia's Quirky Scrap Quilt Along from a couple of years ago.  You can find Leila at this link and @SewnByLeila on Instagram.  Hop over and follow her on IG.  The coolest part is that Leila is going to be joining us and blogging about her process as well!

Here is Leila's first Quirky Scrap Quilt.  The reason I love it so much is that it uses a LOT of scraps and it has a little bit of rhyme and reason to it.  So often I see scrappy quilts that either make my head hurt because they are too busy or they only use a little bit of scraps and r…