Meet the new Board

Get to know your Board Members!
All of them have been asked to provide the following:
  • a little something about you non quilt related;
  • a picture of your latest or most treasured quilt and why it is special;
  • a recommendations for an Instagram/Facebook account to follow, and/or a # to follow, or anything you want (tool, book…)
Ede - President
Left - Ede's portrait, Right - Block center with black circles and vivid green stems
This is the center of Sarah Fielke’s Down the Rabbit Hole quilt. This was a QuiltAlong from two years ago! The reason I’m highlighting this is because it’s part of my self-imposed restriction to only work on UFOs for the first part of this year. I’m finding it super satisfying to finish things up, and shopping my stash. I’d also forgotten how much I enjoy hand appliqué.
Have you seen mention of  I watched a tutorial on it from justgetitdonequilts on Insta.  It's a pretty cool program for using up hard to match fabrics, or just design quilts in general.  It's free, but it's "in beta".  It looks like a pretty cool--and free!--option for design help.
Otherwise, I rescue old Labrador Retrievers, Bear is number 7.

Yanick - Vice President
Left - Yanick portrait, Right purple quilt showing a girl with headset and a turnable appliquéd in black fabric
The quilt, True Love, represents my love of vinyl music: as a kid, Prince was the first musician I fell in love with and his album, Purple Rain, was the first album I ever bought with my own money. My favorite part is the quilting made to represent an album on an actual Techniques turntable.
Fun fact about me: I have two turntables and a microphone. In another life, I would have been a DJ instead of a teacher. (My vinyl collection rivals my fabric collection.) I grew up listening to albums with my dad and his records are one of the few things I have since he passed away. Good music always put a smile on my face. 
My only social media is IG and I love following guild members and others who sew for inspiration to keep on creating. I also follow #modernquilting to keep up with the lovelies made daily.

Caroline - Secretary
This quilt is very special, it is Altura from Carolyn Frielander and it has travelled with me all over the world.  Each block has been hand-appliquéed and carries so many memories.  The top is now finished, but not quilted yet, I don't want this journey to end.
The year I arrived in the States (2013), I had lived in 3 different countries on 3 different continents: Singapore, England and the States.  I am a bit of a traveler.
I am a believer of daily practice in order to make the best of my day, I meditate every morning with Insight Timer.  Recently, I have started following @meetmakersofcolor#meetmakersofcolor@Sewover50#Sew50visible.

Zonetta - Treasurer
The little Brown Bear quilt was made for a very special little boy (my son's best friend baby boy) who was delivered at only 24 weeks, developed severe brain infection while in the preemie ward, and was born with severe disabilities.  While he has limited vision he is very tactile and a quilt of bright colors and texture--hence, a rag quilt--seemed the perfect gift.  He is about five years old now, and the quilt remains in his rocking chair or in his bed.  He loves it.  It makes me happy too.

On another note,  a fun fact about me!  Most people don't know that i was robbed leaving our quilting retreat last year!  Walking to the parking lot to get my car with $60 in my hand, this young woman, dressed in running garb, came running from behind me, reached over, grabbed my money and kept on running!  While I was saying, "What just happened?" the gentleman behind be whipped out his cell phone and called 911.  He handed me the phone, and while I was still talking to the 911 operator, the police car pulled up, asked if I was the victim and said the police had the robber on the beach in handcuffs.  (She obviously was not a very fast runner!)  Money retrieved.  Crime does not pay.  Moral to the story:  Keep your money out of sight when walking down the street.
Recommendations to follow:  IG splendidsampler2 and lillyellasworld

Kelly - Community Outreach Coordinator
My current favorite quilt is made out of lawn cotton and it is the softest thing ever. It's perfect for the couch and my girls try to steal it whenever they can. The fabric is a Heather Ross line and I love the Lillies of the Valley flowers. They make me think of my childhood because they grew wild around my house.
One of my favorite TV shows is the Great British Bake off. I love all the things they bake. However, I hate baking.
I have two Instagram recommendations:
Flora.Forager - She makes wonderful art out of different kinds of plants and flowers. It's beautiful, creative and inventive.
Red*Hongyi - She is a Malaysian artist working with everyday materials. She has made wonderful and huge installations using socks and tea bags. She also highlights a number of other artists. 

Alissa - Education Coordinator
My name is Alissa and I've been quilting for almost 5 years. I accidentally found OrlandoMQG, and have loved it ever since. I decided to go to Austin on vacation, during Quiltcon 2014 just because it looked like an awesome exhibit. Then I thought maybe Orlando would have a modern guild and that may be interesting....and I've been hooked!! My most recent finish is a quilt for my bed. After five years I'm *finally* making myself a bed quilt!! I only have three throw quilts in my house I've made myself, all the others I've given away. I made this quilt at my girl's quilt retreat. It's super important to me to be able to get away and sit and sew with my girls! I also adore cooking, and my two fur babies, Chloe and Winnie. If you want to see a fun hashtag, you can follow my dog's, #winniebagothemutt. Now let's get to stitchin'!

Beth - Member at large
I have been a member of this guild since it first started. This year I will be your "Member At Large". 
I wasn't very "modern" at first, but loved the people, and all the inspiration. With a lot of exposure, I have come to Love "modern" quilting! And...this guild still has the most wonderful people! 
My favorite quilt, that I've made, is the applique' camera, wall hanging I made for my daughter. She is a photographer and I surprised her with it for her birthday a couple of years ago. It was very difficult for me, and took me a Very long time, with a lot of removing pieces and redoing them.
Some of the other things I love are: Family; Friends; Volleyball; Lunches out with guild members; Pincushions; Succulents; & Doing things "just for fun"! 
I get Lots of inspiration from Pinterest & IG. I follow OrlandoMQGKirkenollQuiltyfriendsrockCapitolaquilter, & Playcrafts. There are so many more great ones to follow, but start here and you will soon find many for yourself.

René - Founding Member
Hey, I’m Rene’ . So happy to be a part of this awesome group!
Fun fact 1: I started quilting a few years before the guild began, and I can remember stating proudly that I don’t do “3-D” sewing. My first foray into the 3-D world started innocently enough with pincushions, which I thought was a big deal; I have now graduated to a few tops and a dress.
Fun fact 2: I am so not athletic, but I once “ran” a half marathon and I have the medal to prove it.
This quilt is not recent nor treasured, but one I love anyway. I named this quilt Random and was an early attempt at improv and negative space, using leftover fabrics from a coin quilt made for my sister. This quilt now lives with my sister-in-law (assuming she still has it).
Recommendations for follows:
Blog and newsletter: A Quilter’s Table
Instagram: Hillary Goodwin EntropyAlwaysWins
Hashtag: #100dayproject or #the100dayproject

Michele - Founding Member
Michele here! So thrilled to begin our tenth year with The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. Rene's idea to start a guild ten years ago has blossomed nicely. I've met so many nice guildies and hope to meet many more of you. My how we've grown! I'm writing this blurb at the end of QuiltCon2019. It was a wonderful few days. I took some great classes, saw some gorgeous quilts and did a bit of shopping.
The quilt I'm showing I started at a dream retreat in Dripping Springs, Texas this past September. It was a Craftsy clearance kit and came together so easily. Debra J. quilted it for me and she always pulls no stops with her quilting talent.
I miss blogging. Hoping it will come into vogue once more and I'll have time to write down my thoughts, recipes, show quilts, etc. Some of my favorite blogs aren't exactly quilt related. I love food, too. My two favorite food blogs at the moment are and These two young moms have a passion for food and some cute kids!