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Meet Zonetta Glenn

My dear neighbor, Love Sullivan, introduced me to the "world of quilting" about six years ago.  I knew she was a quilter and I needed her sage advice.  I showed her my very first attempt (with no quilting experience at all)--a mermaid themed baby quilt for my new granddaughter.  Naturally, she insisted I visit OrlandoMQG. I immediately joined the guild and fell in love with the adventure.  Little did I know it would become an addiction!

My mother had been a beautiful seamstress and I had sewn as a young girl and young mother, but never quilted.  I took a beginner's class at Quilter's Cove and slowly got my feet wet.  My first "real" quilt was a log cabin design from a Mary-Jeanine class at the Sewing Studio.  I was on my way.

My first quilting machine, which I still have and use mostly for classes--and retreats--is a Janome 2010. (I would not let my husband buy a real expensive machine--just in case it didn't take!)  Last year I bought a Bernina 750 and who knows what is next . . .
I always sew barefooted or in socks!  Shoes can be so cumbersome under a sewing machine!
My husband's older daughter is a quilter extraordinaire (although not a modern quilter) and she gave me my most useful, and therefore my most favorite piece of equipment--an ergonomically shaped seam ripper.  Love it and use it lots and lots and lots.
The favorite quilt I've made to date is this multi-dimensional pinwheel quilt.  It was just fun!  My next adventure is not one, but two, T-shirt quilts for my two grandsons, ages 13 and 15.  Time goal is Christmas.  Hoping it's this Christmas and not next--certainly before they graduate from high school.

Little known fact: About five years ago I was the "victim" rescued in the mountains in Colorado by the Colorado Springs Fire Dept. High Angle Rescue Team.  Ever been rappelled down a mountain side about 200' while clinging desperately to a firefighter, left on a ledge, and then basketed and rescued and rappelled the rest of the way down, another 300'?   Try it sometime!
As for inspiration, there is not a person in our guild who is not an inspiration to me--beginners to intermediates to professionals.  So much to learn.  I'm happy to be here.
Kindness is the greatest virtue.