Saturday, April 2, 2016

Meet Michele Lancaster

Hello! I have been a member of the guild since it started in 2010. After following Rene’s blog and figuring out we lived in the same city, Rene asked if I would like to join her newly formed Modern Quilt Guild. I was thrilled to join an actual guild of my “people!” I served as treasurer and have watched the guild grow from the original 16 to now over 75 members. I can’t imagine not being part of our fun and talent-filled guild.

I first started quilting in 2007 after collecting fabric, quilts and vintage linens for years. I’ve always been intrigued with textiles, but never really sewed. I made my kids a few garments when they were little, but garment sewing wasn’t my thing. But I did like printed feed sacks, vintage cotton prints (think groovy 1960s), old bandannas and quilts. I have a quilt from each of my great grandmothers, who were prolific quilters, so quilting may have been in my blood after all.

When I began quilting I scoured the internet and found an online quilting group called “The Quilting Board.” There were links to free patterns and tutorials, chat rooms, blocks of the month skill building, photo galleries, and more. I learned so much and eventually hosted a “doll quilt” swap that I ran for several years before handing it off to a fellow quilter.

Blogs were also paramount to my quilting lessons. I learned everything from step-by-step tutorials (with photos!) written by the amazingly giving blog community. I participated in swaps, challenges, and met amazing quilters all over the world. I still love reading blogs and getting distracted by a tutorial I see. And I’m still learning and meeting new friends.

My first quilt was a postage stamp mini quilt that I made using my vintage fabrics. I was rather proud of this 19” x 23” quilt  and mailed it to a longarmer for quilting.  I bet she burst out laughing when it arrived. She did make my first little quilt a beauty with her awesome quilting skills.

I can’t say I have a favorite quilt, unless it’s the one I’m working on at the moment (but not if I’m bored with it). I also like to have numerous projects going at once. I can’t imagine not starting something new if an opportunity arises. The spontaneity of creating is a luxury I don’t have at my real job as a graphic designer. I get to create in my position, but the subject matter is usually chosen for me.

Color intrigues me and most of my quilts and sewing projects are a riot of all colors. I attempt subtlety, but rarely accomplish it. Modern improv, mystery quilts, fabric dyeing and scrap quilts are among some of my favorite processes. I doubt you’ll be surprised, but I love fabric! Novelty and food prints, black and white, bright batiks and anything orange will catch my eye. Modern fabrics render me senseless. Even selvages are fun!

My next obsession or quilt I can’t get out of my mind involves solids and improv piecing. I can’t wait to start it! I blog periodically at Nostalgic Cafe. Stop by and say hi!


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