March Meeting Minutes


March 6th, 2019 - 10am

The Sewing Studio Classroom

Ede opens the meeting and announces that normal agenda will resume next month.  She also invites all new Board Member to come and thanks the previous board member for their work.  Ede welcomes all new members and guests.

1. BLOCK of the MONTH - Debra J
Before she introduces this year Block of the Month, Debra shows a quilt she made with Block Lotto from 2013.  This year the Block of the Month is going to be slightly different: each block will be 12.5” square, will have grey or white element (time to pull and set aside your whites and greys), will be off modern aesthetics.

Debra encourages members to make one block for the raffle and one block for themselves to keep.  The guidelines for this month Block Lotto are on the blog, just follow the link.

Shall you want to create a block for this year BOM, please contact Debra J.

In other news, Debra A. wins this month BOM, and is taking all those scrappy blocks home.

Zonetta presents the Treasure report.

We will start rolling out our Community Outreach program next month.  Kelly confirms that our place-mats for Meals on Wheels is an ongoing drive.

We are looking for a chair person for Call for Blocks.  This initiative has started as a response to the out pour of generosity from quilters around the world during the Quilts for Pulse drive.  As a consequences, our Guild has decided to build a reserve of quilts which are then send when other guilds call for quilts in response to disasters.  At the moment, we do have a stash of 10 quilts ready to be sent.  We really wish someone would take the lead on this initiative.

5. EDUCATION - Alissa
Alissa introduces our next teacher: Michelle Wilkie is originally from New Zealand, currently living in North Carolina.  Her class will cover techniques such as colour selection and how to play with them, curve & triangle improv.  You can see more of her work on her blog,  Factorum of Arts.

Alissa is currently looking into bringing more teachers to the Guild, potentially Heather Givans from Crimson Tate, Amy Friend from During Quiet time and others.

As a reminder of our class policy, payment holds the spot to the class. In case of cancellation, refund will only be proceed if the spot can be filled.

6. LIBRARIAN - Aradria

This month, Aradria has selected 2 books for us: 'art quilt map' by Valerie S. Goodwin and 'Quilt transparency' by  Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle

Karen D. who won the Quilty basket last month, brought it back full of goodies. 

Eleanor is the lucky winner and will bring back next month full of exciting stuff.


Linda, Shelley and Jan are this month door prize winners.

Paula introduced our guest speaker, Lisa Ruble and her talk "Confession of a Quilt Magazine Editor".  After working for a metal casting industry magazine, Lisa made her way to the far more glamorous craft industry and has worked as an Editor for various quilting magazines.  Lisa also works as a pattern illustrator while writing her own patterns too.

Here are a few of Lisa's quilts - bottom left the first quilt she ever made when she was 10 or 12.

If you ever want to submit a pattern to a quilting magazine, Lisa shares us a few tips on what editors are looking for:

  • Original design
  • Something ‘new’ and different
  • Twist on an existing design
  • Color contrast
  • How it will photograph
  • Not just quilts: smaller sewing projects
  • Scrap quilts
  • Modern quilts
  • Seasonal
  • Simple quilts that look complicated
  • Quilts that showcase fabric
  • Appeal to beginners
  • Techniques-based projects
  • Generally brighter than not
You can see Lisa's work on her blog Color My World or on her Instagram.

Again, a very big Thanks to Lisa for a wonderful presentation and for the door prizes.


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