Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 – 10:00 am
Maitland, FL

President Alissa called the meeting to order; 51 members and 5 guests were present. She invited new members to introduce themselves, but there were no new members today. As an icebreaker, Alissa passed out paper and asked members to name icons that might be suitable for a guild banner, which Debra has volunteered to design.


Marge, former Treasurer filling in for Joan, reported on receipts and expenses resulting in a balance of over $13,000. As a separate account, the Quilts for Pulse project has received donations of over $6,600 and, after expenses such as purchasing backing and batting, there is a balance of approximately $1,500 for the Pulse project for ongoing expenses.


Education Coordinator Ede reported that Christa Watson, who taught a class for the guild two weekends ago, donated a copy of her new book (The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-Arm and Sit-Down--Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts, co-authored with Angela Walter) to our guild library.
Our next class is a dying class from member Frank on January 7, 2017. She said it is a fantastic opportunity, because he is providing the fabric, dyes, other supplies, so it is a way to try dyeing without a huge investment. The class will cost $60, after the guild subsidizes some of the cost; it is limited to 12 students. Those attending will only need to bring some items such as rubber gloves. The class will be at Alissa’s house in Deland. Signup will be at the November meeting, so bring a check to lock in your spot if you want to sign up. There will be a lottery for places, if necessary, and, if there is enough demand, Frank might teach it a second time.
Next will be two days of classes from Jackie Gering March 17-18, 2017; Ede will request that she offer two different classes. Jackie will give a trunk show at The Sewing Studio on Sunday, March 19, 1:00 pm, at a small charge to members and a higher charge to others.
Ede encourages anyone interested in classes that are full to sign up on the wait list in case of cancellations; she says that often one or more on the wait list get in. Ede also reported that Shannon Brinkley will teach a class in May and Amanda Jean Nyberg will teach a class in September next year.


The guild has accepted the invitation of the Mancuso Show to have a display of quilts at the World Quilt Florida show in Orlando again in January. Tanyia volunteered to be in charge of gathering quilts from members, which should be modern quilts. Those wishing to show a quilt there should contact Tanyia by email. There is no size requirement but all quilts need to have a hanging sleeve. Alissa mentioned the possibility of including a group of Pulse quilts as part of the guild’s display.

GUILD LIBRARY           

Yanick brings books to meetings, which members have asked to check out. The book list is available at the website. Books may be checked out for a month at meetings and must be returned at the following month’s meeting. 


In Kelly's absence, Alissa announced that members may list their UFOs in the guild’s UFO log and let Kelly E. know when each has been completed. Prizes are given at our December holiday party with one entry in the drawings per UFO finished. There will be a prize for the member who has completed the most UFOs and another for a random drawing winner.


The guild’s holiday party has previously been at the December Dr. Phillips Sew Day, which is December 17 this year. The Board is considering other options, will decide at its next meeting and announce the details in November.


Members returned the small brown bags of finished blocks for the guild’s QuiltCon 2017 charity quilt. Any that weren’t returned today can be given to Alissa at next Monday’s Maitland Sew Day or mailed to her. Nancy S. has volunteered to quilt it. It will be entered in a special exhibit of QuiltCon charity quilts at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah, GA, in February, and returned to the guild afterwards for donation to a local nonprofit.


Tanyia reported that the quilt top made of members’ blocks for donation to the Orlando Museum of Art’s Council of 101’s Festival of Trees, which were turned in last month, will be completed this weekend and quilted by Nancy S. by the end of October for this year’s Festival of Trees, November 12-20.


Kathy, who won the Raffle Basket last month, returned it filled with items, including a cute tin full of fat quarters, special quilters’ soap, a needle threader, a quilting magazine and book, a bag pattern and other things. The basket was won by Rebecca.


Alissa would like members to help design guild t-shirts that members can purchase, so please email her with any ideas for pictures, sayings, etc., to be printed on t-shirts along with our logo. The board will discuss it at their next meeting. She hopes to find an online site where members can purchase the style they want without the guild having to purchase and resell them. Many would like to have t-shirts in time for QuiltCon in February 2017.


Alissa reported that the project is finally tapering off, although things are still trickling in. She thanks everyone and said how much she appreciates all the work that everyone has done. She pointed out Jodi and Leslie at the back of the room, where they were receiving finished quilts and giving out quilt kits for quilting and binding.

Alissa reported that the guild has been working on 450 quilts, assembling donated blocks into tops and quilting and binding tops both made and received, and she thanked everyone for all of their work completing those. The guild has received between1,300 and 1,400 finished quilts, and Alissa said that, when she had over 1,000 quilts in her house at one time, she posted a video of them on Instagram. She also thanked Paula, who is photographing each quilt.

She noted that 1,000 of the quilts have been spoken for, requested by the organizations representing those impacted by the Pulse shootings with which the committee of Alejandrina, Yannick, and Sarah have been in contact. Because we have more than enough quilts for current requests, finishing the rest can take until mid-November. We expect that other organizations and individuals we don’t yet know about will request quilts after the first distributions are done.

New member Nancy J. has taken 10 quilts to be displayed on a float in the Come Out with Pride Parade this Saturday, October 8, 4 pm, which goes around Lake Eola and Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando. Although the parade may be postponed due to Hurricane Matthew, it has not been yet and the quilts will be on the float on schedule or when the parade takes place if postponed.

Paula asked that volunteers sign up on a sheet she passed to help at photo shoots, unfolding and folding quilts and pinning on the care cards and ColorCatchers. When quilts are completed and have been photographed, they will be picked up at Paula’s studio by the groupsdistributing them to the organizations on our list. Paula said she photographs about 100 quilts per session and has photographed 649 so far. She plans to set up one session a week lasting 1-1/2 to 3 hours. Rene documents each quilt as it is photographed. Paula also mentioned how fun it is to see all of the quilts in each session, some with special letters and notes or labels attached.

Some members and others have requested quilts for impacted individuals. Anyone who wants to do that, please email the information to Alissa, who is willing to mail them the quilt, and let Alejandrina know so they are included in the record of all quilts donated by the guild.

So far Alissa, with Patti documenting each package, has received 1,467 packages. Just lately she received 3 from Italy and we’ve received quilts from 23 countries and all 50 states. The Giving List of organizations to which we’re donating includes the surviving victims and loved ones of those who died (230 quilts that will be distributed by an arm of United Way created to help them), 2 hospitals, numerous law enforcement organizations including UCF police, 911 operators, EMTs, fire departments, and 3 rough donated quilts are going to the bomb-sniffing dogs in law enforcement canine units. Alissa mentioned that we do not yet have a contact for Pulse employees, and she is waiting to hear from someone she has attempted to contact to get a number of quilts to that group as well.

Debbe King needs a photo of the quilt proposed to go to Mayor Buddy Dyer, to send to her City Hall contact, and Paula will email it to her. That quilt has the Orlando skyline with 49 colorful hearts above it representing the 49 who were killed that morning. If the Mayor accepts it, his office may want a presentation in November. Debbie wondered if some of the quilts not yet distributed might be displayed as public art in City Hall and will inquire about it. As mentioned above, Alissa suggested some be displayed at World Quilt Florida in January.

Alissa has been in tough with the national Modern Quilt Guild. They plan a Quilts for Pulse event for QuiltCon 2018, but that seems too distant in time to thank the many donors who will be there, so she has requested from someone at the Modern Quilt Guild space and time for a Meet & Greet at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah in February where people can meet us and we can thank them for their response.

Alexis has scanned all of the notes and letters that arrived with packages of donated quilts and blocks, which she is now editing to remove or cover personal information so that collection can be posted and probably donated to the Orange County Regional History Center, which is collecting public memorials to the victims.

Alissa plans to use the business cards sent with quilts to create a list of businesses the guild can use to try to do business with those who have donated to this project when we have the opportunity.

Alejandrina was working on dates for distribution to these groups, but she lives on the coast and is currently evacuating her home because of Hurricane Matthew, which may set things back a week. There is a firefighter event on October 12th, when the shift which was on duty at the time of the Pulse shootings will be present, but that is the only date we have so far.


Charity Coordinator Sharleen reported that our House Next Door annual charity project had a goal of 70 quilts due by the November meeting, when someone will be here to receive the quilts. She has now received 75, including those given to her at today’s meeting.


Alissa demonstrated ice dyeing. She put a rack in a plastic bin on which she put a rolled or twisted length of damp Kona white fabric (Tanyia did this with Kona ready-to-dye white fabric), poured ice over it (the more ice, the less coverage of dye later), then sprinkled on powdered teal Procion dye. Tanyia said Rit worked as well and any powdered dye works. You leave it 4-24 hours for the ice to melt slowly, wear rubber gloves to rinse (or your hands will be dyed), and rinse a lot, to create an interesting piece something like tie-dyed fabric. You can use Synthropol or other things, like salt or vinegar, to set the color. See videos for more information. Solid color dye will give you spots of various colors. [Mary So recommended using a mask when using any powdered dye.] 


The group meeting for lunch after the guild meeting was going to the Olive Garden across from Winter Park Village on 17-92.


This month’s Blocks of the Month were made from Kate’s pumpkin pattern and were won by Paula. Jodi presented next month’s Block of the Month. She will post a tutorial for this scrap-busting block on the blog.


Alissa reported that the board has cancelled the November 3-6 retreat, because the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring was condemned by the Fire Department early in the summer and is not yet open. The owner is seeking an injunction allowing the hotel to open so it has income with which to make the repairs, but while anyone is free to go to the Kenilworth and sew together, of course, the guild does not any longer sanction an event there because of the safety issue. Alissa called other retreat sites but has not found another available until spring. Any members who have pre-paid for the retreat should email Joan, who will refund their money when she is back in Florida in several weeks.


Kate has invited members to make blocks (or quilt tops or quilts) for her project of making at least 4 quilts for the family (parents and 3 siblings) of Jacob Wetterling. Kate said efforts of his family led to the first sex offender registration laws, after his disappearance in Minnesota in 1989. The family is coping with the new information that he was murdered as well as kidnapped, due to the recent confession by his killer and locating of his remains. Kate is posting instructions for the blocks or quilts requested at her site She would like blue or white-beige-cream blocks in any design. She will also accept donations of yardage for backs. She is contact Colorado guilds for help as well, because Jacob’s brother (married to Kate’s cousin) lives there. She would like blocks at the December meeting, whole quilts in January. She thanked the guild for its warmth to her after she spoke about this situation last month, when she was showing this month’s Block of the Month. Jan gave her a red teddy bear at this meeting, which she made for her after hearing the story last month.


As part of Show and Tell, in addition to all of the wonderful quilts shown by members, the Lake County quilt guild showed 3 quilts it is donating for the Pulse project, and Alissa showed us the mermaid tail she made in a recent class.


Because of the many new members, Alissa asked at the last meeting that each member make a name tag and wear it to meetings as we get better acquainted. A number of members modeled their new name tags.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25.


·      October10 – Sew Day at Maitland Public Library 10-4
·      October 15 – Sew Day at Dr. Phillips Public Library 10-4
·      November 2 – OMQG Guild Meeting – Sewing Studio 10 am
·      November 7 – OMQG Board Meeting – First Watch, 17-92, 9:30 am
·      November 7 – Sew Day at Maitland Public Library 10-4
·      November 19 – Sew Day at Dr. Phillips Public Library 10-4
·      November 30 – deadline for quilt entry for QuiltCon 2017
·      December 12 – Sew Day at Maitland Public Library 10-4
·      December 17 – Sew Day at Dr. Phillips Public Library 10-4
·      December 17 – Holiday Party (this date may change)
·      January 7, 2017 – Frank’s class on dying fabric
·      January 19-21 – Mancuso’s World Quilt Florida in Orlando
·      February 23-17, 2017 - QuiltCon East 2017, in Savannah, GA
·      March 17-19, 2017 – Jacquie Gering 2 days of classes and Sunday trunk show
·      May 6, 2017 – Shannon Brinkley’s class
·      September 30, 2017 – Amanda Jean Nyberg’s class


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