Monday, October 31, 2016

Meet Jackie Clark

Creativity is a lifestyle.  I am so lucky and blessed to be doing what I love.  Got into sewing as an adult. No one in my family sewed. My first machine was a Singer 2010 in 1980. A computerized machine. Wow. So much fun to create. I now have about 13 machines, among them Singer featherweights, a hand crank antique machine and a Singer Treadle. 
I started learning how to make clothes from patterns and books. Next apprenticed myself to a costume shop and spent five years there working part time learning all I could about making costumes for catalog and costume events and Halloween. Then moved on to theatre where I worked behind the scenes as a Costumer for plays. I even tried my hand doing alterations. Yuk. Definitely not me.
Our move to Florida in 1989 propelled me into quilting. I thought this kind of sewing wouldn't require so much space. Joining OMQG really opened up the world of quilting to me and it was here I found the people who were actually like me and loved to quilt. 

Between quilting and painting, my other creative passion, Life is Good. Because, you see, these creative endeavors bring me together with the most wonderful group of people, many of who have become good friends.
Lately my focus has been an interest in Art Quilts and painting textiles. Where this will take me I have no idea but it is exciting to learn new things.

My granddaughter wants to learn to quilt from me and I've reached the stage where I need to give back and to share what I've learned with others so their lives will be richer through quilting. 
I still have more to learn, more quilts to make, and more new friends to meet.  Tomorrow is a new day.  What will we make tomorrow?


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