Instructions - Isolette Covers


Why Isolette Covers?
Preemies are very sensitive to light and sound and too much can cause them to lose weight, sleep
less, and have sensory overload. Thicker, layered isolette covers that have dark, solid colors on
one side (that faces the baby) best reduce noise, light, and visual stimulation (what the baby sees)
to help the baby grow and develop like she would if she was still in the womb. Giraffe isolettes
are specially designed for babies needing the most intensive care and are typically home to ACH
NICU’s smallest preemies.

  • Material can be cotton (including cotton/jersey knits).
  • Material must be machine wash/dry.
  • Layers:
    • Outer/Top: Child/baby friendly pattern (Disney, baby print, tractor/farm, camo, etc) or solid (pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, etc)
    • Batting/Lining can be used to enhance darkening effect.
    • Inner/Bottom: dark, solid colors (black, navy, forest green, dark brown)

  • The thick lines are the desired dimensions on the final project. If you plan to hem, serge, or do other things to the edges that will require more material then please add them yourself.
  • The two circles indicate button holes that will fit a 3/4inch button. They are to be located 6 inches from each other (3 inches from center line) and 3 inches from the edge of the material. These secure the cover to the isolette.
  • The easiest way to start is to see the large piece as one (1.5yds x 32”) and the end piece as another. When connecting them, attach so the centers of both pieces align and it should work well.
  • It may be easiest to mark the centers with a fabric pencil or pins.


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