Wednesday, October 5, 2016

November Block of the Month...And the winner is.....

You asked for it, so you got it!!

This month we did a little poll on Facebook to see what kind of block would be preferred by the guild.  Votes were overwhelmingly in favor of scrap busting blocks.  So here is a little tutorial for how to bust through your mounds of scraps.  Don't deny it, we all know you have lots of scraps!

We are calling this the Haphazard Block because it is based on the Haphazard Quilt over on My Poppet Makes.

Let's begin!


1 - 6.5(ish) center block in either white or gray
4 - strips of bold, bright and highly saturated scraps measuring at least 3" x 13"

Next, sew strips all around the white center block in a log cabin fashion, one on each side of the block. 

Trim so that it is at least 11.5".  The white block doesn't need to be centered.  It will be fun to have some a little bit off center.  You will want to make sure there is at least two inches of colored fabric on each border of the white block.

Cut the trimmed block into fourths and rearrange so that the white pieces are at the four corners of the block.  You can put them in any order that you like. 

Your block should now measure 11 inches.  Trim if necessary.

Now go grab a pile of scraps and knock out several of these blocks!


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