September BOM Throwback

This month our block is a throwback to the very first Block of the Month posted on the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild Blog. Go back and take a peek at the 2011 BOM Scot's Plaid. We are using the same directions, with an alternate choice of fabric to make a replica block.

Fabric:  Jelly rolls work great with this block besides the one white square, all other pieces are 2.5" wide.

For one block, you will need:

One 4.5" square of a white solid or white on white
Two strips 2.5"x 4.5" of a light  grey
One 2.5" square of a light grey fabric
Two strips 2.5"x 6.5" of a dark grey or black fabric
One 2.5" square of a dark grey or black fabric.

* Dark grey or black can be used
* Specks of color within the fabric will cause some interest.

Use a scant 1/4 inch stitch to assemble this 8.5 inch block.

Stitch the light grey 2.5" square to the 6.5" dark grey piece.
Stitch the dark grey 2.5" square to the 4.5" light grey piece.
Stitch the light grey 4.5" piece to the white square.

Stitch the remaining block sections as shown.


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