Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Island Dreams

This month block is inspired by the quilt Island Dreams published in Quilts and more, Summer 2009.  This design is from Mabeth Oxenreider and you can find it here: (However, you will have to register to download the free pattern.)

Here's how to proceed!

Start with 2 fabrics:
  • one, orange, print or solid.  
  • the other, split complementary or complementary color - aka the choices on the opposite side of the color wheel: blue-violet, blue or blue-green and these colors can be any tint, tone or shade and any print or solid as you choose.

Now for the construction, working with a 4-sided-asymmetrical piece (the edges of the center piece range from 112to 312" long) for the center, and rectangles measuring (approximately 5 x 21/2") for the surrounding.

  1. Starting with a 4-sided-asymmetrical piece, center it to a rectangle of contrasting color.  Press.
  2. Then proceeding as you would for a log cabin, adding rectangle of contrasting color on the 3 remaining sides.
  3. Trim the finished blocks to 41/2".
Have fun!  Make one block or more.  Start with orange center or blue center, they will all blend beautifully.

Tip:  When squaring the block, keep one of the trimmed pieces to start the next block... and you can go on and on... but it's OK because the more blocks you bring to the meeting to more chance you have to win them all!

If you have any questions,  just ask.
Debra Alsott


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