Saturday, May 5, 2018

May Block of the Month

CRISSCROSS- by Debbie Zopp , Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

Materials needed - 

14 " square black on black fabric 
(Since this is a block lotto, using black on  black fabric by each member will add lots of texture and dimension to the finished quilt. Winner will have fun intermingling the various backgrounds ) 
1" primary color scraps for strips, at least three different colors 

Out of one 14" inch square of black on black fabric, cut four 7 squares

The instructions are for one of the 7 inch squares; repeat instructions for the other three squares , and when you are finished, you will have four 6 inch blocks, and four entries to win the block lotto!

You can also make a curved cut for these for theses blocks if you want , see photo bottom 

PHOTO : top row blocks
Take one of the 7" inch squares and cut from top to bottom at an angle of your choice .
Use a 1" wide scrap of primary colored fabric , either a straight or angle cut . 
Sew to one side of 7' cut of black , press seam to black. Place remaining piece of black to the other side of the colored scrap and sew . Press all seams to the black .

PHOTO: second row blocks 
This cut will be from opposite side of the first cut 
Choose another angle and cut through the  first colored strip 
Place a colored 1 -inch strip on one side of the black and sew , press seams towards black .
Play second piece of black on the colored strip and sew , press towards black .

PHOTO : bottom row blocks 
Choose any angle or side for your third cut . 
Repeat instructions to place third colored 1 inch strip in the block .

Square up to 6 inches 

Repeat instructions for all three remaining 7 inch squares

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3 i n photos below 


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