Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Block of the Month

The November Block of the Month is a nice take on Flying Geese designed by Sharon McConnell of Color Girl Quilts, which she titled “Make a Mini Quilt”. This block will also make a great large quilt, maybe something like this:

You will find Sharon’s tutorial by clicking on this linkSharon also has great patterns, ideas and lots of tutorials, so be sure to look around her website while you are there.

For a modern look, let’s do this in gray and white backgrounds with six assorted bright prints of one color. The cutting is easy! To make a 12½” block you will need to cut:

·       From gray background, six rectangles 7” x 2½”
·       From white background, six rectangles 7” x 2½”
·       From each of six assorted prints of one color, one 2½” x 4½” rectangle

Position a white strip and a print strip, right sides together, draw a diagonal stitching line, and sew.

Trim the seam allowance to ¼”. Press seam allowances toward the white.

Now add the gray strip. Draw your stitching line, sew, trim and press seam allowances toward the gray.

Your sewn unit should look like this.

Now make five more, so you have a total of six units.

Now all you need to do is sew the six units together. When you sew, be sure that you are sewing with the “goose” triangle point on top as shown here.

This makes it easier to see what you are sewing, and sew to a nice sharp point.

Block will trim to 12 ½” x 12 ½”, but let’s leave the trimming to the winner of the blocks.

Have fun with this block. Someone is going to have a great quilt! 

- Mary Sorensen