Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quirky Scrap Quilt Along Part 2

Are you ready for the second task in our Quirky Scrap Quilt Along?  If you aren’t ready or you are joining us late, don’t worry.  The assignments are small and spaced out so you can catch up at any time.  If you aren’t a member of our guild you are still welcome to play along with us.  Just upload your pictures to our community Facebook page or on Instagram using #QuirkyScrapQuiltAlong and be sure to tag @SewnByLeila and @OrlandoMQG

So let’s just say that your scraps are all nice, neat and organized and you have pulled at least 24 different fabrics totaling six yards or more.  Now it is time to cut, cut, cut!  Go to this link for Leila’s instructions.  While you are there make sure you follow her on Instagram.

Here are a few things that has worked for me when cutting my blocks and strips.  The 5” squares will eventually become HST’s, the 5.5” squares will become QST’s, and the 2.5’ strips will become 4-patch blocks. Personally I looked for contrast in my blocks and I tried my best to achieve that by pairing up my fabrics as lights and darks.  If that wasn’t possible, I just made do with what I had.Also, I didn’t have fabric that was long enough to get enough 21” strips so I had several that are 11 inches (+/- ) in length.  Hey, we do what we have to do, right? ;-) 

So go forth and start cutting!  Or sorting still, if you are playing catch-up, whatever works as there is no shame here. 

Below are some pics of our guild members’ scraps.  I may or may not be jealous of their organization skills or their number of scraps. 
Jodi's scraps organized 
Jodi's messy scraps
Catherine's scraps
Catherine was a brave soul and shared her scraps.  Thank you for being so candid, Catherine!  We have all have a room that looked like this at some point in time.  What I really want to know is, how did she take that picture from that angle??So much pretty inspiration in Michele, Cara, and Sharon’s scrap stash!
Michele's scraps
Michele's scraps
Sharon's scraps
Sharon's scraps
Cara's scraps
Cara's scraps
I love how neat and organized Rosary, Alejandrina, Susan, Paula, Karol and Wendy are.
Rosary's scraps
Alejandrina's scraps
Susan's scraps
Paula's scraps.  She fears she doesn't have enough. The poor thing may need to purchase more fabric!
Karol's scraps
More of Karol's scraps
Wendy's scraps are folded so neatly.

Look on Instagram #QuirkyScrapQuiltAlong for even more scraps! 


  1. Oh man. Gotta admit I find those numbers intimidating. I remember now why I stopped cutting out quilts all at once. Well, that and my propensity to change my mind multiple times a project. This is definitely going to be a little by little project for me this month.

    1. Cara, if the amount is intimidating, just cut the strips for now. The next assignment will be to piece the 4-patch blocks. That way you can do more cutting down the road.

  2. Woo hoo! Our first assignment. If anyone is low on scraps, just let me know. :O

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