Sunday, May 7, 2017

Block of the Month with a Twist

This beautiful block of the month can also be a placemat ! Thank you to our contributor this month ,  OMQG member Melissa Huether. This is so cute ... it would make a great set of placemats for a summer table , or a great quilt with added color blocks, too .

If we receive enough blocks for the lotto, they could be divided into sets of six for placemats for more winners . If you are the first winner and want all of them for a quilt , no problem would make a great quilt, too !


* black background: 

2 black strips : 

2.5 " wide x 12.5 long
10.5 " wide x 12.5 long

* color strip: 

4. 5 " wide x 12.5 long

the inside color design strips can be wonky or straight , but please sew the strip straight to the black background pieces for uniformity 

Color palette can be in any color family, just please use the same family of colors on one block

* Using 1/4 inch seams , the finished block/placemat size should be close to :
 16.5 " wide x 12.5 " long  

If you have any questions , please email or Facebook Paula or Melissa 

Come to the June meeting with your blocks and good luck !

Here are Melissa's samples:

There is a also a great photo for inspiration of placemats in this style with a white background on the OMQG  Pinterest board / Blocks of the month... check it out , and all of our great inspiration boards on Pinterest for OMQG !


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