Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Block of the Month Throwback!

EDIT (2/7/17): This was the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's very first block of the month posted by OMQG founder, René. The BOM program has had great participation and the finished quilts have all been beautiful. If you haven't joined in, please do; it's really a lot of fun. Let throwback to 2011! and create cross blocks for the March 1, 2017 meeting.

We are implementing a new and fun Block of the Month program.  Each month will feature a different block.  The block chosen will be fun to make, require materials that can easily be found in your stash, fit our modern theme, and when put together results in a fabulous quilt.  At the next month's meeting, a drawing will be held from members who make blocks, and one lucky person takes home all the blocks!

Our very first block is a cross block. Block size is 6" unfinished, 5 1/2" finished. Tutorials can be found in various places including here and here.  Your cross can be wonky or not, made with solids or prints.

To ensure everyone's blocks play well together, use a white (or neutral light) fabric for the background....and think modern ;-)

Here is how I made mine:

You will need two outer strips (mine are white) approximately 3 inches wide and 6 inches long.  You will sew a contrasting strip in between.  My strip is 2 inches wide.  Yours can be narrower or wider.  It is up to you.

This is how it should look at this point.

Use your ruler to cut the block in "half".  Have fun here...you can cut in exactly in half or not...straight across or at angle.

I cut mine at an angle and not quite at the midway point.

Sew a strip in between these two sections.  Again, I used a solid purple 2 inches wide.

You will have a block that looks something like this.

Square up your block to 6 inches, and pat yourself on the back!

See how differently the block looks if the cut is not quite so wonky?  
Have fun trying out different fabric combinations, widths of the cross strips and angle of your cuts!

How this will work:  Each month bring your block to the meeting and add it to the design wall; for each block you make, enter your name for the drawing; the winner of the drawing will receive all the blocks.

This BOM is entirely optional... make one block, two blocks, three blocks, etc. or no blocks at all.  Sound like fun?


  1. What is the color theme? Here it says white background but I believe low volume was mentioned on the facebook post. Can you clarify please? Thanks!

  2. Any modern color/print goes. The low volume mention was for the backgrounds.