Monday, December 7, 2015

January BOM

This month we will start with a little color theory: Are you more of a “WARM” color person, or are you, (like me), more into “COOL” colors?
Warm colors are Red/Orange/Yellow, while Cool colors include Green/Blue/Purple. More information can be found at: and and of course many others.

We will use a block from the MQG Quilt of the Month for Nov. 2015. Quilt, (Jeweled), designed by Jessica Godfrey and given to the MQG members. This pattern can be found here: .

For our BOM, half of her diamond block will be considered one block. One block for the OMQG BOM will be 8” by 11.5”.

For our BOM, you will choose a color that represents you. (Choose one warm or one cool color). That color will be used for template A in the block. (Center triangle).
Then choose one or two monochromatic or analogous fabrics for template B. (You could choose one fabric to use with both B templates), or two fabrics (one for each template B). I chose Blue for my template A. Then I chose a lighter blue and a darker blue for the B templates. (But I could have used the light blue for both B templates).

Use White for Template C, (background).

Jessica only gives instructions for piecing this pattern. If you choose to piece it, you will be working with fabric edges cut on the bias. Be very careful with these bias edges. They are easily stretched and can be difficult to keep the seams straight and crisp. Do NOT pull or push the fabrics when piecing!
I chose to paper piece the blocks so I didn’t have to worry about the bias edges as much. (I will provide a PP template for those who wish to PP the block.) (Have you guessed that I like paper piecing?)

As always, if you PP the block, do not remove the paper before turning it in.


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