Sunday, November 8, 2015

December Block of Month

Improv Christmas Trees

This month's BOM is an improv Christmas tree block! I saw a blog post by Wombat Quilt's that inspired me. Her guild made improv tree blocks for a donation quilt, and I decided that would be perfect for us for a Christmas quilt!

Her blog post link:

Once you read that post, just kind of use it as your inspiration and do your own thing! The only "rules" to this month's BOM are as follows:

Colors:  Green, triangle tree. Can be solid or prints, its up to you, just needs to be green and a triangle. Can be one whole piece as the triangle, but I think improv pieced triangles would look best, it's up to you.  White/cream/low volume background. Any and/or all for the background pieces, all one or mix it up, it's up to you. Brown, solid or pieced for the trunk piece, it's up to you.

Size: 7"-12", it's up to you. Does NOT need to be square, can also be a rectangle, it's up to you. Also, the tree can be large or small, but please leave at least a 1/4" from the top of the tree to the top of the block so we can attach the blocks together :)

Below are two photos, one of My improv piecing right after I cut it into a triangle, and one of the block finished. Let's get to tree making!! I want to see short trees and tall trees and skinny trees and fat trees!! Its up to you! (See a theme??!!) Merry Christmas y'all :)

 Happy Sewing!