May 2020 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of General Board Meeting
Orlando Modern Quilt Guild
May 6, 2020

Meeting was opened at 10:05 am   
President Ede Nault opened the meeting and welcomed everyone on the Zoom virtual format 

President – Ede Nault 

Ede welcomed everyone, expressing that she missed seeing everyone in person during this pandemic where we are all social distancing! She said we are getting up to speed on the Zoom format, and things are getting a bit easie to manage. Ede thanked Paula Kennedy and Debra Jalbert for assisting in presenting the meeting this month. 

The general meeting at the Sewing Studio will be canceled for June 2020, it will be on the Zoom format online.  The meeting code to log on will be sent to members in a separate email before the meeting. 

Ede showed a video where Kelsey, of the Sewing Studio explained procedures for online and in -store shopping at the Sewing Studio. It is still open during this time, and any questions can be directed to her by calling her directly, or on their website with a special section on Covid-19 procedures. 
Ede presented sewing rooms videos members Ede, Paula and Debra. Please send more videos with sound to Ede at the guild email address.  You can also send the videos directly to Ede through a text .

Vice President – Debra Jalbert 

“It’s a Wrap” chairman Debby Manuel pulled #2 for the project to be completed in two months. They will be shown at the July meeting. It’s not too late to join if you want to, just email the guild.

If anyone is interested in a virtual sew day, please let Debra know; it probably would have to b hand sewing only!

She said the board is attempting to put together a Longarmer’s panel; if you interested in participating as a instructor or attendee, please let her know. 

Yanick Booz explained May BOM- it is the Modern Strawberry Block; instructions are posted on the blog. She said they are trying to come up with a plan so that the BOM still remains a challenge with monthly winners. They will figure it out, and details will be announced. She will also be presenting a survey regarding the BOM; please try to fill it out when it comes in email. 

The first set of Mystery Quilt instructions have been sent out so far – Ede showed a photo of the progress to date. can still be joined by members. Please email the guild if you want to join. Mary Smart is chairman. The second second set of instructions will be emailed to challenge members soon. 

Community Outreach – Sue Kenard 

Masks – Sue asked everyone to keep track of masks they are making, whether for family, neighbors, or donations, so the information can be used for a report at the end of the year.

The community outreach project will be baby quilts this year. More information to follow 

She thanked members and asked them to keep making masks. 


 Debra Jalbert introduced a video where she showed her process of Graffiti Applique quilting using Mistyfuse. The video ran 8:30 (eight min. 30 sec)  and will be available on the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild You Tube Channel after today’s meeting.  She then answered questions that came through on the video chat. 

Debra confirmed the next three months of programming will consist of aspects of Japanese quilting. 

Secretary -Paula Kennedy, 

Please send photos of Show & Tell to Paula Kennedy.  They will be put into a slide show for a virtual Show & Tell for the June meeting. You can also hashtag them on Instagram and Facebook 

A video movie of Show & Tell was presented showing projects by member from the last month. 

Ede thanked everyone for logging in to the meeting, and to please keep eye on your email, as frequent emails will be sent to members with necessary updates. 

 She also said to be sure to pay your dues by the June 1, extended deadline in, order to stay on the email member list, private Facebook group page, and receive the 2020-2021 pictorial directory coming out in June.  

Meeting Adjourned at 10:48 am 

Respectfully submitted, 
Paula Kennedy, Secretary 


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