Friday, August 10, 2018

B4 and a Bear

We had some very interesting demonstrations during our B4 and a Bear portion of our last meeting.  For future reference, we are putting all the tips/technique here on its own blogpost.

B1 - Borders

Here are Beth’s tips for adding borders to a quilt without stretching or distortion: 
  • Measure the middle of the quilt to get correct size for borders. 
  • Pin borders in middle and end to be sure the piece isn't getting stretched as you stitch.

Find a full tutorial on Amy’s blog, Diary of a Quilter -  here is the link

B2 - Blocking with Debra and Bear

Debra, Quiltcon prize winner, shared her technique for blocking a quilt that isn't the exact size you planned once quilted.

This works if an edge is just fractions of an inch off. 
  • Use painter’s tape to mark out the size your quilt should be on the floor. 
  • Tape your quilt to the floor using painter's tape. 
  • Using a squirt bottle, wet the area of the quilt that needs to be stretched.
  • Move into place, tape and let dry.
Here's the video Paula took of Debra’s demonstration, co-stared with Bear.  Debra recommends blocking a quilt which is going to a show or for a wall-hanging.

B3 - Binding

There are many ways to bind a quilt, you just to have to find what works for you.

  • Here’s Alejandrina’s technique of finishing binding:
    • Overlap the beginning and end of binding by the same length as the width of the binding.
    • Use a clip to bunch up extra quilt to make it easier to connect the binding ends.
    • Open up the binding, right sides together, overlap the ends at a right angle.
    • Draw a diagonal across the stripes going from left to right, pin and check that it is the right direction.
    • Sew on the line, and cut off the excess of fabric.
Alejandrina's tip: use a large clip to gather and hold the quilt, reducing the bulk while finishing the binding (see picture above).

For a more visual tutorial, here is Mimi Dietrich illustrated method.

  • Mary Sm shared her technique for attaching binding, using a similar technique.  However, once the two tails of the binding overlap, she marks the junction and cut the binding at a 45-degree-angle.  Again, pictures being better than words, here is a tutorial found on Craftsy.
  • A flange binding will add a bit of flair to your quilt.  Alissa shared her technique.
    • You need two colours for this binding.  The main color of the binding is 1.5" wide and the flange fabric is 1.75" wide, both the length of the quilt perimeter. 
    • Sew the 2 strips together.
    • Iron in half and sew to back of quilt and then flip to front. 
    • Stitch on top with same color thread as flange.
Sew Fresh Quilts has this tutorial for the flange binding: here.

  • Linda did not like finishing her binding on the machine until she started using wash-away thread in her bobbin:
    • with the wash-away tread in her bobbin, she attached the binding on the back of the quilt.
    • then, replace the wash-away bobbin with bobbin with a regular thread, flip the binding, line up the edge of the binding with the line of wash-away stitches, and sew from the top.
    • once washed, the anchoring threat will dissolve, leaving just the top line of stitches.
Linda's tips: Do not forget to remove the wash-away bobbin! Do not use steam on your quilt until the binding is fully sewn in place!  Keep your wash-way thread in an air-tight bag!  Humidity will dissolve your thread.

If you prefer your binding to fold from front to back, you might be interested in this method using wash-away thread and cotton cord sewn in the binding.

  • Beth shared her technique of using the quilt backing for the binding.
    • Make the backing 1" larger on all sides. 
    • Fold in half so it aligns with edge of quilt and then fold in half again and press.
    • Mark from edge of top and batting and measure 1" in and fold corner in and pin, then fold next edge over so you get a mitered corner.
A full tutorial of this binding method can be found here.

Looking for a technique for perfectly mitered corners, check  Linda's webinar on the Modern Quilt Guild (Linda, @Flourishingpalms, is member of the Central Florida MQG)

B4 - Batting

Oh my! So many options.  Thanks to Hobbs and Quilter's Dream, members present at the meeting received samples, and a few lucky ones won some batting to try out.

If you have more tips and techniques to share, please leave us a comment.

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