Meet Sandra Fay

Hi everyone, for those who do not know me, I am Debra Jalbert’s older sister, but not by much!  I have been quilting off and on for about 18 years.  More off than on.  I joined the OrlandoMQG four years ago and try to make at least one or two meetings a year.  I live in New Hampshire so I try to time my visits around either a special event or a meeting at the OrlandoMQG.  I get so inspired by both my sister’s work and everyone else’s’ that I see at the meetings, but when I get back home, life takes over and I don’t get too much done as far as quilting.  
At QuiltCon with my sisters and Victoria Findlay Wolfe
I first learned to quilt when I took a class at Joann’s Fabrics.  At that time, it was a hand quilting class. It was a wall hanging with four different blocks.  I have it somewhere at home, but never took a picture.  My second quilt was one I made for my newborn nephew Noah, who is now 17.  It was a multi colored quilt that I tied.  It took me about two years to get it done.  

First full size quilt made
I currently have a Baby Loc Audrey which I received from my sister a few years ago.  She was my one and only baby until November when she and my other sister Donna, gifted me for my birthday a Singer 301a that was purchased from Jeff.  It was one of his babies.  I was able to take it to the retreat and it has been my go to now.  I love how straight and fast she sews.  I am not a fast sewer, but boy she is.  I have been toying with names, but have not yet settled on one.  She is also my most treasured sewing possession because of who I received it from and how fast that baby is!!!  I sew with my shoes on as I feel I have more control over the speed than going barefoot.
Quilt from Victoria Findlay Wolfe class
My sister Debra really inspires me with her quilting.  I love everything she does.  The colors she chooses, the patterns she designs and the speed at which she often gets them done.  I am lucky if I get one done every couple years.  I need to make more time for this craft that I love!!!
My favorite thing I have made to date, which is still in process, is a quilt I am making for my sister Donna.  She doesn’t know it yet.  I worked on it at the retreat and the top is completed, so now I need to make time to finish her up.  Might not be until my next trip down so I can use Lucey-Lou (Deb’s longarm) to complete her.  Maybe by next Christmas……  Once this project is complete, I have a few ideas but have not yet determied what I want to work on yet.  Too much fabric and not enough time to work with it.
Current quilt top finished at quilt retreat

As to an unknown fact of myself, I like too many things.  Photography, sewing, quilting, crocheting, spending time with friends that I never have enough time to do a lot of any of it.  GRRRR,  I need to try to make more time for each of these things, especially visiting Deb and using Lucey-Lou.  Perfect happiness for me would be to have so much time that I can spend time on all of my likes and actually get something done.  I start too many projects and never seem to be able to get them done, or at least timely.   I need/want more time in my life.