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Meet Laura Brainard

OMG, I am a Quilter!  My mother and grandmother would be so proud. They both sewed.  My mother made polyester pantsuits (for herself- not Hillary) and my grandmother made hats in New York City to match the dresses purchased by wealthy ladies.  I hated sewing as a child but asked for a sewing machine for my college graduation.  I used it to fix ripped seams once or twice.  

It seems like I started quilting yesterday but I think it was 2 years ago when I was in Alejandrina’s home and saw her stunning modern quilts.  I wanted one, but couldn’t ask for it because my parents taught me better manners.  My only option was to try to make one.  Not only did Alejandrina guide, teach and mentor me through my first quilt but she loaned me one of her machines. It is a wonderful Pfaff Tiptronic 6270. (Is possession 9/10 of the law?)  She took me to my first guild meeting.  What an amazing meeting and group of people. You all inspire me so much.  Sew day came and I thought I would go (since Alejandri…

Meet Mary Smart

Meet Mary Smart  Mary serves on the Board as our current Secretary. You can thank her for the detailed meeting minutes posted on our blog each month. Next time you see her with her iPad out at a meeting you may want to say "Cheese"!
Please tell us how long you have been sewing and/or quilting and when you joined the Orlando MQG. I’ve sewn since junior high, took my portable Singer across the country to college with me, made clothing from time to time including little girl clothes for my daughter, but mostly used it to make curtains or repair things till I joined a quilt guild in a small Montana town in 1995 and went full-bore quilt-nut. I joined OMQG in November 2014

How did you learn to quilt? When I moved to Montana, I wasn’t working, didn’t know anyone but my husband, and there was a wonderful quilt shop I started to frequent. First I made a Jacket Jazz jacket for my mother (a great introduction to patchwork), and attended a meeting about forming a local quilt guild I’d …

November Block of the Month

The November Block of the Month is a nice take on Flying Geese designed by Sharon McConnell of Color Girl Quilts, which she titled “Make a Mini Quilt”. This block will also make a great large quilt, maybe something like this:

You will find Sharon’s tutorial by clicking on this link. Sharon also has great patterns, ideas and lots of tutorials, so be sure to look around her website while you are there.
For a modern look, let’s do this in gray and white backgrounds with six assorted bright prints of one color. The cutting is easy! To make a 12½” block you will need to cut:
·From gray background, six rectangles 7” x 2½” ·From white background, six rectangles 7” x 2½” ·From each of six assorted prints of one color, one 2½” x 4½” rectangle
Position a white strip and a print strip, right sides together, draw a diagonal stitching line, and sew.

Trim the seam allowance to ¼”. Press seam allowances toward the white.

Now add the gray strip. Draw your stitching line, sew, trim and press seam allowances t…