Meet Laura Brainard

OMG, I am a Quilter!  My mother and grandmother would be so proud. They both sewed.  My mother made polyester pantsuits (for herself- not Hillary) and my grandmother made hats in New York City to match the dresses purchased by wealthy ladies.  I hated sewing as a child but asked for a sewing machine for my college graduation.  I used it to fix ripped seams once or twice.  

It seems like I started quilting yesterday but I think it was 2 years ago when I was in Alejandrina’s home and saw her stunning modern quilts.  I wanted one, but couldn’t ask for it because my parents taught me better manners.  My only option was to try to make one.  Not only did Alejandrina guide, teach and mentor me through my first quilt but she loaned me one of her machines. It is a wonderful Pfaff Tiptronic 6270. (Is possession 9/10 of the law?)  She took me to my first guild meeting.  What an amazing meeting and group of people. You all inspire me so much.  Sew day came and I thought I would go (since Alejandrina was driving), but I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Hooked again! I love sew day because everyone encourages you and inspires you with their beautiful quilting.

I couldn’t pick a favorite sewing possession but it would have to be all the beautiful material.  My friend said it best when we were on our way home from the quilt store and she said, “I can’t wait to get home and caress my fabric”.  I now have a lot of fabric and hope I don’t die and make my husband have to figure out what to do with it. 

My first quilt was a square tabletop quilt for my round table.  My next one was one of my favorite quilts, a disappearing 9 patch FSU quilt for my 30 year old son.  It was huge and he loved it. 

My other favorite quilt was a scrappy tree wall hanging for my daughter from the Shannon Brinkley class. I think the reason I liked it so much was my quilting was so much better than before because of the lessons I learned in the Jacquie Gering class.  The classes the guild offers have really been so important to my quilting education.  

I have taken over the whole house with my quilting supplies and work and it gets messy at times.  I shared an office with my husband and now it is my quilting room and his desk. I even moved all his cook books out so I could use the shelves. The guest room has more quilting stuff than guests.

Right now I am working on finishing all my projects.  I have 3 scrap quilts I am working on and they all involve little pieces.

There may need to be Quilters Anonymous group for me because I have become an addict. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything but quilt. I think a big part of why  I  became a quilter is because of our guild.  I am in awe of the charity work and how everyone just makes it happen. I started quilting right before the guild started working on the pulse quilts and was worried about being able to make one block.  Before I knew it I had made a whole top and sewed it together.  At a sew day, I was encouraged to take a top, batting and back home to quilt.  I wasn’t sure of my skills but jumped in.  It was just the beginning.  The guild gives me the encouragement to go beyond my comfort zone while having fun.  

Thank you so much Laura for sharing a bit more about yourself!