Meet Gail Peck

I'm Gail Peck and I'm a newbie with this whole quilt guild thing. Although I've been sewing since I was 13, having learned the basics in Home Ec class, for many years my main focus was on garments for myself and my brood of four sons. Along the way home decorator sewing was added to my repertoire. Although I have no photographic proof of it, I began making quilts more than 30 years ago; mostly one or so, every few years, as our needs dictated.

I heard about the Linus project from someone and made about three for them including the pinwheel quilt.

A gift quilt

A remake of a quilt pattern I made for my youngest son when he went to FSU 14 years ago

As a published photographer it pains me to admit that my vast photo library is crazy out of order, so most of the very recent work is nowhere to be found. Yikes!! For nearly ten years I sold art photography at markets and art festivals, however, I needed my husband's help setting up so when his job became just too demanding, I shut down my business and began looking for something new to occupy my time. A notice in the Orlando Sentinel caught my eye: Days for Girls was looking for people that sew. Although I'd never heard of it before it seemed like a charity where I might fit in and I did. Meeting Sharleen, Sarah, Beth, Leslie and others really changed my life as far as sewing is concerned. They told me about the guild and eventually I went to a meeting and was hooked. 

Bruce and Baxter - quilt made with half square triangles
The back with Baxie

Prior to meeting them, I only did hand quilting. Not because I am a glutton for punishment but because I found it both relaxing and easier than machine quilting which I'd tried years and years ago. Now, however, I've got the hang of it, not free motion just yet, but I'm fairly decent with a straight line.

here is my last hand quilted project for a former co worker who had tried to have a baby for more than ten years

Hand quilted seven years ago...I remember being so proud of this bold quilt in the zig zag pattern. I made if for my son in London and gave it to him when he came home for Christmas. Could not wait for him to open it!! 

I had the honor of helping Pam Paisley learn to put a quilt together in November 2015 which she worked on in my then sewing/photography space. Her husband got hooked as well! 

Pam learning

Because we have made some crazy life changes in the last four or so months, I've not begun any new projects, however, I finally completed, albeit not that great, the quilt I'd brought to Vancouver half quilted. I do love a seriously scrappy quilt and this one is just that, lending a little bit of funkiness to our new surroundings. It is so great having all these pieces to remind me of home and all of the quilts I've made for loved ones as well as charity. My plan was to hook up with other quilters during our year in Vancouver, however, two months later that is yet to happen. Fabric is crazy expensive here. Try $17.99 per meter which I've now learned is 3 inches more than a yard. I'm talking ordinary cottons my friends.

The scrappy quilt I brought with us to Vancouver

I pretty much like graphic, simple quilts, with bold color. I'm also a lover of using estate sale fabrics when I can find them. Nothing like making new with something old. Speaking of which we are having a new year with old folks!

Charity quilt for OrlandoMQG
Another gray one with solids and spiral quilting

You can follow Gail on her blog Camera Crazy. It's nice to still get our "Gail fix" until she returns to Orlando.