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December BOM

Making an ornament block STEP 1: Cut one main fabric square (Christmas fabric) measuring 9.5” square and four background squares (white fabric) measuring 3.5” square. Cut one 2” x 3” piece of fabric from a silver or gold piece of fabric (will look like the ornament hanger). Also cut two additional pieces, 2” x 3 ¾” of white fabric. STEP 2: Use a pencil and ruler to draw a diagonal line on all four background squares (or use a line you’ve drawn on your machine). STEP 3: Place the background squares on each of the four corners of the main fabric square. Pin in place as shown.

STEP 4: Sew across each of the four pencil lines, backstitching at the beginning and end of each seam. STEP 5: Trim excess fabric ¼” away from seams.

STEP 6: Press background fabric away from main fabric, and voila! A snowball block that measures 9.5”. STEP 7: Sew the 2” x 3” gold or silver piece in the middle of the two 2” x 3 ¾” white pieces of fabric making a 9.5” long strip that you will attach to the top of the snowball blo…

Meeting Minutes - November 2016

MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Maitland, FL
President Alissa called the meeting to order; 52 members and 1 guest were present.
Alissa introduced Gail Hallmon, Operations Director of The House Next Door, and the quilt show organized by Charity Coordinator Sharleen with Emcee Frank, and models Alejandrina, Beth, Jane, Karol, Leslie, Marge and Sarah. Sharleen reported that beyond our goal of making 70 quilts for this annual charity project, she had received 89 or 90 quilts, including those coming in today, to go to The House Next Door.
Gail spoke about the SAT, Sex Abuse Treatment Program at The House Next Door in a program for child victims of abuse from babies to age 18. She said they have 10-15 new cases each month, 160 last year in two counties. She said that their staff work not just with the children but also with non-abusing caregivers including traumatized parents. Gail said each child chooses their quilt at the first counseling session…