Meeting Minutes - December 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Maitland, FL

President Alissa called the meeting to order; 51 members, including 1 new member, and 2 guests were present. Alissa had the guests introduce themselves. Our guest from Ohio had donated cash for treats for the guild, as part of the Quilts for Pulse project, and visited on the day that coffee, OJ, and a variety of treats were provided to members with those funds.


Alissa reported that Tanyia, our Vice President, is moving and leaving the guild. She thanked her for her work for the guild as Vice President this year and presented her with a gift. Alissa also thanked Sharleen for her wonderful year as Charity Coordinator and also presented her with a gift from the guild.


The Icebreaker this month was to spend 10 minutes enjoying the treats provided by donations for that purpose and using that time to chat with each other.


With various expenses for the Quilts for Pulse project, including postage, and the purchase of member gifts, there was a loss this month of $155.96, leaving a balance of $11,918.61.


Education Coordinator Ede noted that Frank’s dyeing class on January 7 is a fantastic bargain, with him providing the equipment and supplies so members taking it get this opportunity to try dyeing for just the cost of the fabric. There are 3 spots open, which can be held with payment of the class fee of $60.
There was a sign up sheet for the 2 free classes to be taught by Mary-Jeanine at Dr. Phillips Public Library on Feb. 4th, her gift to those who helped with the Quilts for Pulse. Ede asked members to sign up for one or both and to note their preference in case they fill and members are limited to one. Diana asked if members who cannot attend can get the patterns, and Ede will ask Mary-Jeanine.
Ede urged members to sign up on the wait list for classes that fill, noting that there are almost always changes, so those on the wait list often get to attend.

Because Tanyia is moving before the World Quilt Show, Mary S is coordinating the guild’s display at the show. She asked those submitting quilts to the display to bring them to the January meeting with a short artist’s statement to be posted next to each quilt. The quilts will be returned at the February guild meeting.


There will be a Holiday Party at the Maitland Library Sew Day, as well as the larger party at the Dr. Phillips Public Library Sew Day on Dec. 17th, so any wishing to participate in a gift exchange there should bring a pincushion they made themselves in a brown paper bag.

Alissa announced that the Maitland Library has confirmed all of our Sew Days there for all of 2017, 10 am -4 pm the Monday after each guild meeting.


Rene asked that any members not receiving the emailed guild newsletter to let her know, so she can be sure she has their correct email addresses.


Patty, who won the Raffle Basket last month, returned it filled with a number of fabrics, a special sewing kit in a tin with many notions, a notebook, and other special items. The basket was won by Jane.


Kelly asked everyone to check the UFO log, to be sure it is correct as to which UFO projects members have finished, because it is the last chance before prizes are given at the December Holiday Party, with one entry in the drawings per UFO finished this year.


The guild’s Holiday Party will be at the December Dr. Phillips Library Sew Day on Dec. 17th.  Bring food to share. There will be a swap, so please bring a wrapped pincushion if you wish to be part of the exchange.  Come to sew with or without a pincushion to swap.


Ede, as a member of the Elections Committee (Ede N, Karol E and Jodi P), explained the process, including the fact that the Board decided to expand the board, due to the increase in membership and hoping for the participation of more members. There will now be a Member-at-Large and the person in that position, the Education Coordinator and Charity Coordinator will now be voting members of the Board, the Education Coordinator.  Ede and Karol read the job descriptions for each office, and officers briefly described the time commitment of each position.
·      Ede said the Education Coordinator communicates with potential teachers, researches and recruits teachers with a modern quilting aesthetic, and deals with contracts and travel arrangements. She said it sounds like a lot of work but is fun and easy to do on your own timeline.
·      Joan said being Treasurer is mainly keeping the checkbook and doing basic bookkeeping, which takes about 2 hours a month.
·      Mary said being Secretary is mostly taking minutes of guild and board meetings, taking pictures at guild meetings, typing them up and posting the guild meeting minutes and pictures on the blog, so it only takes some hours after meetings.
·      Alissa said that this was not a usual year because of the Quilts for Pulse project, of course, but that otherwise being President takes about 8 hours a month.
·      Tanyia said being vice president was doing what the president doesn’t want to do and mostly being responsible for Block of the Month, demonstrations and swaps, though we had fewer of those this year because of the Pulse project. She encouraged members to get involved because everyone enjoys demonstrations but we need more to get involved, so asked members to “take a chance and do something.”

Jodi noted that she trains nonprofit board members to be more effective as part of strategic planning, and she said “Don’t be shy – step up.”

The timeline on elections is that those interested in running for an office should let the Elections Committee (Ede N, Karol E and Jodi P) know their interest by Saturday, Dec. 17th. Candidates will be introduced at the January meeting, voting will take place at the February meeting, and new officers will take over at the March meeting.

Absentee Ballots:  Anyone not able to attend the February meeting should email Karol E for an absentee ballot, which must be returned by the February meeting to be counted with ballots cast at the meeting.  Nominees will be posted on the blog.

Ede encouraged anyone thinking about it to call and talk to the committee members. She said they will not assume you are running if you just call to ask about it.


Scott Parsons, whose wife Kelly received a Pulse quilt as a 911 dispatcher, contacted Alissa to request a quilt, because he and others in the Orange County Fire Department had not received quilts (while those in the Orlando Fire Department did). Alissa invited him to the meeting, and he and his wife came to receive his quilt. Alissa will contact his department to find out about getting one to the other fireman there who also didn’t receive one. Scott thanked the guild and reported that “the word is out,” and people receiving the quilts are loving them.

GUILD LIBRARY           

Guild Librarian Yanick brings the guild’s library of modern quilting books to meetings but would like to bring just books which members have asked online to check out. The book list is available at the guild website. Books may be checked out for a month and must be returned at the following month’s meeting.


Alissa reported that 1,675 quilts have been photographed so far. Checking with members who have quilts still out for finishing, she estimates there are about 40 to be completed and about 30 more already completed were brought to today’s meeting.

Sarah reported on the big Quilts for Pulse event on Dec. 13 at The Mezz in downtown Orlando at 100 S. Eola. Quilts will be distributed to Pulse employees, the Mayor, Barbara Puma, owner of Pulse, and Patty Sheehan, county commissioner. All guild members are invited to attend and to bring a guest. They would like a full house so encourage everyone to attend who can. If going, you need to RSVP by Friday, by emailing Sarah L.

The event is 5-6:30 with speakers at 5:30. Volunteers are needed to open at 2 pm, unload quilts, set up a display, greet people in the lobby downstairs from The Mezz, and distribute quilts to those who come for one before 5 pm as well as to stay for the program, with speakers starting at 5:30, doors closing at 6:40. Sarah asked members to wear their red OMQG pins.


Lunch for those who want to eat together will be at the Olive Garden on 17-92 in Winter Park.


This month’s Blocks of the Month were made from Patty’s pattern and were won by Rosary.

Blocks of the Month for 2017 will be modern skill-building blocks, and Diana demonstrated the first one, for January, sewing easy Y-seams by machine to make a Tumbling Block. She has posted a tutorial with pictures on the guild blog. The blocks are joined to each other using the same easy machine Y-seam method. Make Tumbling Blocks for the January meeting using a dark solid, medium print, and light.


and a special small version as a thank you gift for Tanyia


The board had a fat quarter as a gift for each member and asked everyone to choose one at the end of the meeting. Those left will be taken to the next Sew Days, so those not getting one today can pick one there.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.


·      December 12 – Sew Day & Holiday Pincushion Swap at Maitland Public Library 10-4
·      December 17 – Deadline to let the Election Committee know you are interested in running for a guild office: Edi N, Karol E, and Jodi P
·      December 17 – Sew Day & Holiday Party at Dr. Phillips Public Library 10-4
·      January 7, 2017 – Frank’s class on dying fabric at Alissa’s house
·      January 19-21 – Mancuso’s World Quilt Florida in Orlando at the Convention Center
·      February 1, 2017 – February Guild Meeting & New Board Elections, 10 am, The Sewing Studio, Maitland
·      February 4, 2017 – Mary-Jeanine’s 2 class at Dr. Phillips Public Library
·      February 8, 2017 – OMQG Board Meeting – 5:30 pm, location to be determined with the new board after elections
·      February 23-17, 2017 - QuiltCon East 2017, in Savannah, GA
·      March 17-19, 2017 – Jacquie Gering 2 days of classes and Sunday trunk show
·      May 6, 2017 – Shannon Brinkley’s class
·      September 30, 2017 – Amanda Jean Nyberg’s class