Jacquie Gering Workshop - Day Two

Jacquie Gering taught us her Stitch and Flip technique during Saturday's workshop.  We had a packed class of eager students.

Fireball by Jacquie Gering
Who knew there was so much you could do with blocks made with this method?!  Jacquie demonstrated stitch and flip, discussed the various types of blocks that are a result of the stitch and flip technique, showed examples of the various blocks, explained how they created movement depending on placement, and best of all, encouraged us to examine in detail her quilts.

Blind Co Pilot by Jacquie Gering
Jacquie's WIP
In addition to quilts from her Quilting Modern book, Jacquie brought a few new ones like this mini quilt made with rectangular blocks.  Love the "low volume" background fabrics against the brights.

Jacquie Gering - Swirling Stars (think that's the title)
As with Friday's class, members went to work creating their own designs.  Below is a sampling of the process and progress made:

Rene's Christmas themed blocks

Beth designing

Debra's pink ribbon

Michele's beachy retangles

Linda's swirling medallion

Alejandrina's Kaffe blocks

Joy's batiks

Yanick's rainbow

Cara's greens and purples

Heather's incredibly teeny tiny blocks
Check out the guild's Flickr page to see more workshop photos.  Don't forget to upload any pictures you may have taken during Friday and Saturday's class.

Thank you Jacquie for an incredible two days full of learning fun!!!!