Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2013

FEBRUARY 6, 2013

I.     Meet and Greet

II.     Election
Linda is no longer able to fill the role of Vice President.  We thank her for all the work she has contributed towards the guild.  Terry volunteered to take the role of VP and the vote in favor was unanimous.

III.   Blocks of the Month
Susan was the block winner.

Alejandrina introduced the Garden Fence block, our BOM for March.  The blocks are to be in grey and yellow with white trim around the outside. A link to instructions is available on the OMQG website.

IV.    Mary Sorenson was our speaker.
Beth wore a t-shirt with the design of Mary's Celebrity AAQI Invitational Auction Quilt,"How Does My Garden Grow?"
Mary gave a fascinating talk about her experience in making patterns everything from creating the design to packaging and marketing the patterns.

V.    Raffle Basket
The basket was provided by Beth and won by Pat.

VI.     Other Guild Business    
--Beth provided free Sewing and Quilt Expo Tickets (Lakeland in March) to interested attendees.
--Beth talked about the possibility of changing the meeting date (the date of the month, not the time of the day.)  Various ideas were suggested.  It was determined that the top suggestions would be included in a membership poll.  The link to the survey will be sent to members approximately 2-8-13 and the poll will officially close on 2-15-13 at 6:00 pm est.
--Reminder, Dues for the new year are due in March.  Bring your cash or checks to the next meeting!
--The next Sew Day is February 16th.

VII.   Show and Tell