Jodi's Chevron Block Tutorial

Chevron Block tutorial
Start with four 5 inch blocks – two white (or light colored) blocks and two that are red or blue.

Place one white block and one red or blue block (I am using the red block in this example) right sides together.  Then draw a diagonal line on each block.

Next stitch a scant ¼ inch seam on both sides of the line.  Do this for both sets.

 Then cut the block in half on the line between the two seams. 

Now press each block open and trim to 4 ½ inches. (Please excuse the switch in fabrics in the next pictures.)

Now layout your blocks like the photo below and sew the horizontal pairs together using a scant ¼ inch seam allowance.

Press seams to the side with one seam going to the left and one seam to the right.  Pressing your seams in opposite directions makes for less bulk in the next step.

 Sew the two rectangles together, matching up the center seams. Press seams to one side.   Your block is now finished and should measure 8 ½ square inches. 


  1. Thanks Jodi for the tutorial! I have my fabric prepped and ready to start making the blocks.

  2. Beautiful! I made three yesterday and plan on making a few more. They're really fun and look great. I think they will make a striking quilt.

  3. It is great having the tutorial, Jodi. Thanks.


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