Thursday, September 13, 2018

September Block of the Month

Here it is - the September BOM

Slab Block Quilt Block 

 Video  photo and block instructions courtesy of Cheryl Arkinson , and thank you to Orlando MQG Karol Evans for the BOM suggestion .

This will be a fun, big block to make.  Here are are the guidelines from Karol :

Finished block size - 14.5 "
All slabs for each block should be in the same color family (greens, purples, pinks, etc)
Cheryl's instructions include a small block of white - Karol says to include that if you want ! 

Here are the instructions  according to Cheryl Arkison's blog :

"Take two pieces of fabric and sew them together. Do that a few more times. Then start sewing more pieces to those first pairs. Sew groups together. Add additional pieces of fabric as necessary to get up to your finished size. Start with small bits or big ones, it doesn't matter. Raid your scrap bins and go with what you've got"

Here is a link to a great You Tube video with the tutorial

Good luck ... this will make a really fun win for someone !


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