Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What's new with The MQG......

Wondering how to keep up with The MQG? Are you currently receiving The MQG newsletter? Do you have any MQG questions and you don't know where to look? Beginning with the April meeting Debra Jalbert will help keep us up to date if there are any new announcements by ensuring we are all getting the newsletter and keeping us informed. This month we will be reviewing The MQG website, how to sign up for the newsletter and the Resource Page. If you have any questions, email or text me. My contact information is on the roster available to all Orlando MQG members.

Here's how to login from a smart phone:

1. Go to the website

2. On the very top right you will either see 'login' or 'logout name'.  Click the login or logout button.

3. If you are currently logged in, skip to the next step, if not click 'create new account' tab. You MUST use the same email address you gave the Orlando MQG to login. 

4. Once you have created your account or logged in you will see the screen above. 

5. Scroll down to see 'Communication Preferences', ensure both boxes are checked, click 'Update' You can also see that your Membership is with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild here. 
If you have trouble logging in or are unsure of the email address you used please contact Debra. 

6. Now that you are logged in as a member, you have access to the Resources Page. Go to the menu and select Resources.

7. This is where you will find all of the Webinars, Quilts/Blocks of the Month, Reports and the new Fresh Quilting Series. 

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  1. I always forget how many neat resources the mothership has. I'm going to binge watch the Fresh Quilting series this weekend.