Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Modern Principles Challenge

Our sincere thanks to Mary Sorensen for designing this program for addressing the mission to put our emphasis this year on exploring the "Modern" aesthetic/what "Modern Quilting" means.

The goal of the challenge is an original Modern mini-quilt, approximately 24" x 24", using solid color fabrics, designed, pieced and quilted entirely by you!
This challenge will be bi-monthly, at least four - or maybe five - challenges (so 8 or 10 months total)
The challenge starts in April (the first results of block one to be revealed in June) with designing one block, then each bimonthly challenge expands on that original block until the last month we have a mini quilt, approximately 24" x 24"

It goes something like this : 

1. Challenge#1 (April): Modern Traditionalism - reinventing a traditional block, no larger than 8" x 8". This block will be changed, expanded, manipulated as we move forward, so don’t get too caught up in choosing the perfect block; it’s just a stepping off point.
2. Challenge #2 (June): Alternate Gridwork - incorporating the reinvented block in a Modern gridwork setting for a mini-quilt
3. Challenge #3 (August): Negative Space - manipulating the grid to experiment with negative space in the mini-quilt
4. Challenge #4 (October): Graphic Color - using bold, graphic color to further promote the Modern esthetic 
5. Possible Challenge #5 (December or January?): Modern Quilting Alternatives - using a Modern approach to quilting the mini-quilt, either free motion or walking foot 

So, let's start working on the first block!

Modern Traditionalism - Choosing a traditional block and reinventing it and altering it to make it modern !

The Rules 

Block size is no larger than 8" finished ( 81/2 with seam allowances )

Only use solid fabrics , no prints (keep the palette modern)

For this first challenge ,  blocks are due at the June 7th meeting 

If you did not see Mary's presentation at April's meeting , here are some helpful resources to get inspired and learn about 
our first challenge ! 

Webinars - 
Making Traditional Modern - Shannon Page 

Fresh Quilting Episodes : ( on the Modern Quilt Guild Website) 
Season 1 Episode 6,  Modern Traditionalism ( 2 segments ) with Elizabeth Dackson

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild Pinterest page has a board titled Modern Series Challenge with lots of examples ! 

Enjoy and good luck !


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