Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cre-active Club Q&A

Do you have questions about the Cre-Active Club?  I've tried to think about a few, but if you have more leave a comment or e-mail me.

Q - I have 29 projects, can I still join?

A - Yes, you can.  However, you will have to make some choice.  There’s only 6 slots on the list.  Which ones matter to you most?

Q - I have only 3 unfinished projects, can I still join?

A - You are probably a very fast maker, a super organized quilter, a very focus person… Whatever is  your super-power, you’re already a winner.  Back to the question, Yes, you can join.  You will get some off months, and less opportunity to win, but we’ve established that you are already a winner (and I really want to learn about your superpower).

Q - I have missed the registration deadline.  Can I still join?

A - Yes, you can.  You’ll enter less projects and wait for the beginning of the next 2-month period to start working on your projects.

Q - I can’t come to every meeting, how will I know which number has been drawn and on which project to work?

A - After each meeting, I will send an e-mail to all the participants in our friendly group.  There’s also going to be a post on the blog to celebrate our successes, and let you know which number is up next.

Q - I can’t come to the meeting, but I’ve finished my project.  Can I still participate to the drawing?

A - Yes, send me a picture of your finished beauty, remember we love to ‘ooh and ah’, I will add your picture to the blog post and put your name in the drawing.  Well done you!

Q - I can’t come to every meeting.  How can I see what others have achieved?

A - Nothing compared to seeing a quilt in ‘real life’, but don’t worry if you can’t make it to the meeting we will post pictures of our beautiful finishes on the blog.  Also, we all love to see work in progress,  we sometimes need advice on design ideas, so why not posting on Instagram (#OrlanodMQG #creactiveclub) or on the Guild Facebook page.  Seeing others progress, exchanging ideas is such a nice motivator.Q - I’ve been super busy for the last couple of months and couldn't finish my project.  What is going to happen?

A - You haven't finished your assigned project, as a fine you will have to bring the prize for the other members of the group.  No, just kidding!  Life happen and we get it, unfortunately you’re name  will not be entered to this month drawing.

Q - I have this project which only needs biding.  It is not going to take me 2 months to do it.  Can I still enter it to my list?

A - Yes, you can.  You might finish it early which is nice, I’m sure you've got other project you're itching to start.  If you want an extra challenge, why not grouping this project with another fast one and entering both in one entry line?  You’re the boss of your list.

Q - I have this project from the 80’s, it has a sentimental value but I’m not sure I’m in love with it.  Shall I enter it?

A - Yes, you can.  However, if you’re not 100% about it, just wait a bit we might have a special challenge/group coming soon.  Stay tune!

Q - I sketched this incredible on paper/EQ/Illustrator (whatever is your tool of predilection), can I enter it?

A - Unfortunately, the answer is No.  We have to draw the line somewhere (punt intended!).  Only projects where fabric has been involved in some way (a block made, fabric cut…) can be entered.


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