Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jacquie Gering Workshops & Trunk Show

Our guild was pleased to welcome Jacquie Gering to teach two workshops and present her gorgeous quilts at a Trunk Show. This was Jacquie's second Orlando MQG workshop stint as she taught two classes for us in 2013. You know a teacher is a favorite when she is asked back for encore workshops! Besides being a great teacher and talented quilter, Jacquie sits on the board of directors for The Modern Quilt Guild (affectionately known as "the mothership!"). 

The Dr. Phillips library is a great venue for our workshops.
Marge had fun with her new skills.
Friday, March 17th was the Creative Quilting with a Walking Foot workshop where Jacquie showed how to mark our individual walking feet so we could maneuver several straight line designs that are remarkably easy and stunning. We learned numerous different walking foot designs featured in Jacquie's new book "Walk – Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot."

One of Jacquie's beauties. Click on photo to see the quilting design up close. Done with a walking foot!

Spirals with a walking foot! Yep!
Some wavy, organic walking foot quilting.
One of Jacquie's quilts featuring her mad walking foot skills!

Saturday's class was Slice & Insert Improv which produced some fun improvisational blocks.  It's amazing to see all the fabric options our members have.

Jacquie sharing her tips and tricks.

Jacquie's cross quilt was stunning and gave insight into grid layouts.

Another example of Jacquie's slice & insert improv quilts.

You can find more examples from Jacquie's workshops on our Facebook page. We encourage you to post your creations to share with everyone. Jacquie's blog can be found here.


  1. I know I was sure inspired! She is a fantastic teacher!

  2. Such a treat to have Jacquie here again! Great recap, Michele!