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The Election Committee is currently accepting nominations for officers for next year's Board.

The current Board recently decided to expand the voting membership of the Board, to reflect the growing size of our guild and to enable more members to participate.  In addition to the current officers of the Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Founding Members), the Education and Charity Program Coordinators will now be elected positions and voting members of the board.  In addition, the position of Member At Large was also created. 

Descriptions of all positions can be found here.  (You will also find descriptions of a number of committee positions.  These are appointed positions, not elected ones, but if you have an interest in participating in any of the listed committees, please let the Election Committee know, and we will pass the information on to the incoming board members.)

If you are interested in a position on the board, or would like to nominate a pe…

Meeting Minutes - December 2016

--> MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Maitland, FL
President Alissa called the meeting to order; 51 members, including 1 new member, and 2 guests were present. Alissa had the guests introduce themselves. Our guest from Ohio had donated cash for treats for the guild, as part of the Quilts for Pulse project, and visited on the day that coffee, OJ, and a variety of treats were provided to members with those funds.
Alissa reported that Tanyia, our Vice President, is moving and leaving the guild. She thanked her for her work for the guild as Vice President this year and presented her with a gift. Alissa also thanked Sharleen for her wonderful year as Charity Coordinator and also presented her with a gift from the guild.
The Icebreaker this month was to spend 10 minutes enjoying the treats provided by donations for that purpose and using that time to chat with each other.
With various expenses for the Quilts for Pulse project, inc…

January BOM

2016 was a big year for our guild. We grew in numbers and we grew together in strength as a guild. In 2017, let's challenge each other and grow our skills as quilters! And why not jump right in with a technique that people oftentimes avoid.... the DREADED Y-SEAM! The block we'll be making this month is a tumbling block:

Once you get past the fear of the Y-seam, this is a very simple, very fast block to make. In fact, it will take you longer to pick out and cut the fabric, than it will be to sew it. Let's start with fabric selection. You're going to need 3 different fabrics - 1 solid colored fabric, a coordinating medium print fabric, and 1 light value or low volume fabric. Each piece of fabric should be 4.5" x 8." You will also need a ruler with a 60-degree line on it.

Begin by stacking your 3 fabrics on top of each other, laying them on your cutting mat horizontally (I staggered my fabrics in the photo just so you could see all 3 layers). Position the 60-deg…