Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hearts of Hope Charity Project Tutorial

Hearts of Hope
For UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health

Included in kit: 
1 heart for backing, 1 loop 1"x4", 1 strap 3" x 22", 4oz of fiberfill (generously donated by Fairfield, 1 OMQG label, and 4" of Velcro cut in half. 

You provide 1 heart for the front of the pillow, made or designed however you like ie: quilted, patchwork, strip pieced, etc. You can use the heart back piece provided as a size template. 

Make strap by pressing the long edges of the strap piece together with the WRONG sides together. 
Open, and flip right side up. 

Position a 2" piece of fuzzy Velcro 10" from one end of the strap, then another 2" piece of fuzzy Velcro at 14" 

 Position a 2" piece of loopy Velcro about 1/2" from the opposite end. Discard remaining loopy Velcro from kit. Sew on all three pieces. This step makes the strap adjustable.

Fold strap in half lengthwise, with the velcro inside. Sew along one short side (the one closest to the Velcro) and down the long edge of the strap, making an L shape. Backstitch at the beginning and the end to secure. One short end will be left raw edged. Turn inside out and press.

Press 4" loop in half lengthwise. Open and press sides to the center crease. Fold and press again creating a skinny loop with raw edges enclosed. Stitch along the long edge.

Position hearts right sides together, placing loop and strap between them. Loop goes at top on one side of heart and strap goes at top of the other side where marked with Xs. Raw edge of strap is sewn in to the seam and the finished edge is left free. Place label in the seam allowance area. Stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance around the heart leaving a 4" opening (marked) on the lower side of the heart, for turning.

Turn inside out and press.

Stuff by tearing fiberfill into handfuls, use entire amount supplied. Hand or machine stitch the opening closed.

Please return at the June meeting.

Instructions by Sharleen Jespersen using pattern and notes from Marlee Smearing.
Feel free to contact Sharleen with questions at

Here is a finished peek as well, and shown how one would drape the pillow over their arm, like a purse, to protect themselves when wearing seatbelts... or even just for a little comfort.


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