Wednesday, April 6, 2016

May Block Of the Month!

Hello guild family!

I just completed a quilt for my grandma using a beautiful pattern I had found in an Australian quilting magazine. I really fell in love with my completed quilt top and how beautiful the improv piecing turned out, despite my best efforts to over think it. 
Once I let go all control and allowed the improv powers that be take over, I sailed through the blocks and loved each one more than the last.
When looking for a nice block of the month to help people bust their scrap stashes I realized I had pinned a block just like it from Comfort Stitching! I thought I should let you all join in the improv, stash busting fun I just had!
You can find her tutorial here.
Much like her blocks lets keep our blocks monochromatic. You can make a whole bunch of blocks for the lotto and bust that scrap stash one color at a time!

For those of you who are too busy over engineering your blocks and stressing about the devil may care attitude you must have for this block, I have included a little tune for you to hum along with:

I also think it's funny that I probably just got that song stuck in your head :-D

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