Thursday, July 2, 2015

August BOM

We just did a paper pieced block a couple of months ago, and I don't want you all to forget how to do it, so.........I have been in love with "Flying Geese" in circles or waves for a long time now.  While pinning some blocks to Pinterest last week, I came across this free paper pieced pattern for a "Circle of Flying Geese" and knew I wanted to do it for the BOM when it was my turn.
Well, it is my turn. I made this block a couple of years ago, and I admit to getting confused about which piece was the Geese, and which was the background. (I may have ripped out a few pieces because of putting the geese fabric in the background place or vice versa).
Christina Lane has a very good tutorial for paper piecing this block here .   If you know how to paper piece and don't need the tutorial, just print the template here. (From Be sure to print the top or first template, (clockwise spin), and at 100%, (not "fit to page" on your printer settings). Hint: (You can set your printer to print in B&W so you don't waste any color ink). After printing, measure the line at the bottom right under the block. (It should measure 1 inch).
Each template will make 1 unit for the block. It takes 4 units to make a 12" block. You can put your name in once for each unit you make, but for each 4 units you make, you can put your name in one extra time. Hence: 5 times for each 4 units made.
These units should be made with a solid gray background, and a contrasting solid or tone on tone fabric. The "geese" may be all the same color or different colors.
When your unit is made, Leave the paper on the back. It is easier to stitch the units together with the paper on.  Have fun with these units. I can't wait to see what they all look like next month.


  1. Am I correct in assuming we're all doing the clock-wise spin?

  2. Yes. Everyone should be doing the clockwise spin.