Wednesday, January 7, 2015

February Block of the Month

A common New Years Resolution is to begin a diet or exercise routine to lose weight and fit into those jeans. Well not mine. I'd really like to try a bit of paper piecing! Let's combine the two ideas and make these paper pieced jeans. 365 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks has just the one! You can find the directions for Block #29 Nice Pants HERE.  Click on 'print the pattern' on their blog, or you can print the paper piecing pattern HERE The photo and directions are simple enough that if you decide not to take a try at paper piecing, you can easily just sew them together the traditional way. (I'll try both on).  Don't worry about the exactness to the jeans here, it would be nice for you to change it up to create a slightly different pair of jeans. Keep your final block size 6 inches square.

I also watched this Paper Piecing Made Easy Tutorial on You tube for a bit of help.


  1. Love paper piecing, love this block. Hopefully will have time to make a few before our next meeting!

  2. Am I oblivious or are there no step by step instructions there? I can dive in and figure it out myself but my very analytical brain is having a bit of a conniption with no instructions.

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