Thursday, June 5, 2014

July Block of the Month

I had so much fun making the June block of the month that Alejandrina chose.  I loved how fast it went together and especially, that there were NO SCRAPS!

Well this block is very similar.  It starts out with four 10 inch squares, two white, one with a bright green and one with a dark blue.  Then you pair each of the colored blocks with a white, sew around the edges, then slice and dice.  After that rearrange the pieces and VOILA! You have a huge 16.5 inch block!  Whoever wins these blocks may end up with enough to make a king sized quilt.  If you do win, don't forget that the whole quilt needs to be finished by the next meeting.   :-)

You can find a tutorial here. 


  1. Very Cute Jodi! If we win, it can be the 1st UFO for next year. LOL

  2. how do i cut this