Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post our favorite tools.

We had some really great tools presented at the guild meeting. Lets post them here, and we'll have a central place to look for them.

Mine is: my small, blunt tipped scissors, on a retractable holder, clipped to my shirt.
My second is:  my stackable tool/thread holder to carry my sewing/quilting stuff around.
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  1. Good idea Beth for all of us to post about our favorite tools here. There were so many mentioned at the meeting! My "tool" is a portable folding Omnigrid cutting mat and pressing mat that I keep right next to my sewing machine for when I am making free pieced blocks (similar to the mosaic tile block) and don't want to keep getting up and going to my cutting table and iron.

    I noticed that Terry posted on her blog here: about her favorite tool.

  2. I know it's sort of silly, but I LOVE♥♥♥LOVE my bobbin winder :)

  3. The tool that I appreciate so much is "That Purple Thang." It pushes, pulls, prods. It can be used in sharpening up corners of pillows and in applique work. Google it and you can see how other quilters use it, as well as many places where you can order this inexpensive, handy, purple thang.

  4. I love the Easy Square Jr. ruler. It's a great ruler for squaring up smaller blocks.

  5. Update on 1/4" Wonder Tape.
    I've now tried three brands, and the WashAway Wonder Tape is the easiest to peel back the top layer. The Dritz was harder to separate the top layer but the WashAway was easiest to get a grip on the top layer. I think that's mostly because the WashAway is stickier than the others. I know that's odd, but I think that because it sticks so firmly to the fabric, that when I try loosening the top film of paper, the glued-down portion resists and the paper comes loose.
    One caveat. Since it is stickier, it doesn't reposition quite as easily. I still love it. It was very useful on the edges of the mug rug.

  6. Does anyone want a quilting frame? Call me at 407-256-3244