Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

As discussed during the April meeting, we are having our very first swap!  
If you want to participate, make and bring a mug rug to the May 4th meeting wrapped in a brown paper bag, and you will take home a mug rug created and made by a fellow OMQG member!  Easy and fun!

Mug Rug Mosaic
1. a drink & a snack, 2. Selvedge Mug Rug, 3. camp 1, 4. IMG_4935, 5. After 5 Mug Rug, 6. Ticker tape mug rug, 7. Mini Quadrilateral Quilt Mug Rug, 8. My Mug Rug Collection - Sue made me this one, 9. Tweethearts_2

What is a mug rug you ask?  Basically it is an oversize coaster.....a cute spot to set your beverage of choice and a snack.  As you can see from the above pictures, mug rugs are not just for coffee ;-)  The mug rug I brought in as a sample was about  6" by 10", but they can range in size anywhere from 4"x6" to 6"x10".  You can make your mug rug square, rectangular, round, heart shaped, egg shaped, etc.;  you can sew a binding on it or use the pillowcase method; you can machine quilt or hand stitch it.  Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the creative process!

The mosaic above is just a sampling of some of the great mug rugs showing up on Flickr.   While browsing for mug rug pictures to share, I noticed a blog that hosted a week of Mug Rug Madness.  This would be a good place to visit for tutorials, questions about mug rugs, or if you want more inspiration.

I can't wait to see what our members create!!!!

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  1. I have never heard this name "mug rug" cool. Nice examples. Now I have to look up ticker tape quilting.