Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mosaic Tile Block

April's Block of the Month is a mosaic tile block.  The pattern is from Oh Fransson's mod mosaic pillow tutorial and can be found here.  {She has a link to a pdf file with the pattern.  Please note that her pattern is for a floor pillow.  It is just the technique that you will be following.}  

Sample mosaic tile block
As with the previous BOM (block of the month), this can be made with scraps you already have on hand.  Use a white/neutral fabric for the 1" strips and green fabrics for the "tiles".  Your block should be 5" by 7" unfinished.  

Participation in the Block of the Month program is optional.  You can choose to make one block, two or more blocks or no blocks.  Participating members, bring your block(s) to the April 6th meeting.  Each block you bring gives you a chance at the drawing for all the blocks.

Please feel free to email or comment with any questions you may have.


  1. I am already having lots of fun making this block. I really like being able to use my scraps that are unequal shapes. Thanks for picking this Rene'.

  2. Funny how, if you are not careful, it feels like paper piecing...(when it goes wrong :) I loved making these! Thanks so much

  3. Anybody else driven nuts by this first time around? I tried to be original in the arrangement and discovered my sections were too big for 5x7 blocks. Took me awile to adjust to the tiny sections.

  4. Favorite tool! What a WONDERFUL meeting today. I wish I had a tape recorder on. Here's my information on Wonder Tape:

    I've checked online and about a dozen companies sell quilting-sewing products called "Wonder Tape." They all seem to have the same characteristics: double-sided sticky tape 1/4" wide, washes away with first washing. I'm interested in trying a few different brands to see if one is easier to peel off the top paper. I love this stuff, but getting the top paper off is challenging, even with sharp fingernails. It's worth it, though. I don't know what brand I have since I've lost the package and there are no markings inside the roll. Even though getting a grip on the top paper is challenging, it's worth it to keep a long seam straight. Here are some web sites with different brands. Sewing Studio sells the Dritz brand.