Monday, October 4, 2010

Juanita Yeager Machine Quilting Workshop

Juanita's signature hand-painted flower blossoms.
On Saturday, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild had the wonderful opportunity to have a unique machine quilting class. The fabulous teacher was the very talented Juanita Yeager who gave us a memorable trunk show at our May meeting. Saturday, she came to our Sew Day location at the Dr. Phillips library and taught us tips and tricks while encouraging some of us to get over our fear of machine quilting. Juanita does beautiful work and makes intricate machine quilting on a home machine look very easy. We learned about lighting, ergonomics, needles, thread, batting, backing fabric, stabilizers, finishing and binding.

Juanita showing us technique on one of her quilts.
Beth wastes no time trying her hand at thread painting.
Judy gives her machine a creative workout.
Juanita shows us her facing technique for binding quilts.
Hope masters a new machine with success.
Rene' caught on very quickly. She's going to write an entire blog post with her machine next week! ;)
Mary Ann was looking stylish and having fun.
Alejandrina adds an artistic flair to her practice piece.
Margaret was quilting so fast her hands were blurred.
Michele learned more about her sewing machine.
Juanita had everyone quilting their names right away. And then we moved on to different shapes and doodles. And some thread painting. She also demonstrated quilt show worthy quilt binding and her facing technique she uses to finish her quilts. There was ample time to practice our new skills and get hands-on assistance and encouragement from Juanita. Everyone had a great time boosting our machine quilting skills.


  1. Michele, thanks for sharing your pictures. It was a wonderful workshop. So glad I attended. I really feel like I learned a lot.

  2. Looks like it was a great workshop. Wish I could have been there.