February BOM - Use those tiny scraps

We are making use of those tiny scraps in a very simple, graphic, block. You will need:
  • small scraps of similar color
  • larger pieces of white
  • larger pieces of gray
First, assemble some scraps of similar colors. Build a rectangular shape of your choice, max size around 8x8, but it can be smaller. For example, I collected some blue scrap and roughly set them together to be a rectangle. When you are finished sewing them, some scrap pieces will not be used and others will be trimmed to fit the final shape:

Next, add a white piece to the left of the color rectangle and a gray piece to the right.  The only restriction is the total width should be 12.5 inches (or a bit longer if you prefer to trim at the end). Here is another example, using red.

Next , build the top strip, white to the left and gray to the right:

Finally, build the bottom strip in the same way, offsetting the white and gray segments. The only restriction is the total height should be at least 12.5 inches:

Trim to 12.5 inches and ...done!

Here is the blue block: