Monday, February 10, 2020

General Meeting Minutes - February 2020

Ede opens the meeting, Beth introduces guests and new members.

Beth wants you to meet new friends according to your zodiac sign.  She calls members to stand according to their sign and explains which other zodiac personalities would be a good match.  The description of the zodiac signs brings some laughter amongst the assistance.  Could her predictions be true?

Block of the Month
Alejandrina presents the last block of our #10yearinthemaking BOM.  The instructions are on the blog (HERE).  She makes us promise to use only our little tiny pieces of scrap.  Bring your block to March meeting for a change to win them all.
Also, if you have been making blocks all year long and kept one of each for you, we would love to see what you made with them.

New year, new challenge
Yanick encourages members to participate to the New Year challenge: remember the book/pattern you bought a while ago but you never had the opportunity to do anything from it?  Pick a project and start sewing, hopefully it will bring back your sojo.  And for our March meeting, bring the book/pattern and the project, finished or not.  There will be some prizes.

Virtual Sewing Room Tour
This will be a year-long opportunity to share the space you're working in.  If you wish to participate, please record 1-2 minutes video (no sound) and send it the the Guild email address (  Today, Wendy's and Sarah shared their video.
Isn’t that fun? Please keep sending your video.

Last month income was generated by the Quilty Basket, and expenses went to the purchase of new books.
Zonetta and Kathy are collecting dues for membership renewal and new membership.  Paula is taking pictures for the roster at the end of the meeting.
Payment for Membership can be sent by mail too.  Here the link to the form, the Kathy's mailing address can be found on last year roster.  If you have any doubt, send us an email as her address cannot be shared here.

We have secured the Bernina Sewing Center for Timna Tarr workshop, on April 25th.  Timna is bringing all the fabric necessary for the class.  Marge is circulating a registration sheet, the class cost is $53.  There's a $45 fee for the kit, which will be collected on the day of the class.

Community Outreach
This is the final Show'n'Tell for the Zebra coalition drive.  We aimed to deliver 25 quilts to the Zebra Coalition and we have exceeded this goal.

The Festival of Trees raffle generated $4000 overall (so not our quilt only), and we are very pleased to have able to help raising donations for the museum.

Period to date we have delivered over 500 placemats to Meals on Wheels.
Please check newsletter for all the details.

We have some leftover batting which can be use for placemats, please pick some up.

We are collecting the Tree blocks for the Wollongong MQG at the back of the room.

Also, Kelly confirms that our Quiltcon quilt has arrived in Austin.  If you're going to QuiltCon, please take some picture of it displayed. 

Jeanne is presenting a Certificat of Appreciation to the Quilt for our participation to the Annual Quilting and Fabric Art exhibition at the Lake Mary Museum.

Election committee - Aradria, Leslie, Marie
Ede - president
Debra - vice president
Secretary - Paula
Kathy - treasure
Sue - Community outreach
Marge - education
Love - member at large
As the board runs unopposed, we have a slate voting: 59 votes on favor.

Aradria presents 3 new books that are now available in our library:
Simple Geometric Quilting by Laura Preston
That Handmade Touch by Svetlana Sotak - you should check her IG account.

Quilty basket
Deb presents a Valentine's inspired Quilty basket.  It is stocked with pre-cut, traveling size tools (mini iron board, scissors), pins, Missouri Star book...
Sue is this month's winner.  Kathy, Alejandrina and Diane are the lucky door prizes winners.

Year end Wrap up and Members Speed Trunk Show 
Yanick asks members to come and show quilts, projects they created from the Interest Groups (check the Show'n'Tell video for more).

And finally, Show'n'Tell for all the other beautiful quilts.

Friday, February 7, 2020

February BOM - Use those tiny scraps

We are making use of those tiny scraps in a very simple, graphic, block. You will need:
  • small scraps of similar color
  • larger pieces of white
  • larger pieces of gray
First, assemble some scraps of similar colors. Build a rectangular shape of your choice, max size around 8x8, but it can be smaller. For example, I collected some blue scrap and roughly set them together to be a rectangle. When you are finished sewing them, some scrap pieces will not be used and others will be trimmed to fit the final shape:

Next, add a white piece to the left of the color rectangle and a gray piece to the right.  The only restriction is the total width should be 12.5 inches (or a bit longer if you prefer to trim at the end). Here is another example, using red.

Next , build the top strip, white to the left and gray to the right:

Finally, build the bottom strip in the same way, offsetting the white and gray segments. The only restriction is the total height should be at least 12.5 inches:

Trim to 12.5 inches and ...done!

Here is the blue block:

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February Newsletter

Dear Guildies,

Turning 10 has been a lot of fun.  February is officially the last month of our #10yearinthemaking celebration.  However, we have final gift for you in March: we are bringing Linda, from Central Florida MQG, for a lecture on Domestic Machine Quilting with Rulers.  If you are making blocks for the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild, you might be inspired to sew Linda's Australia Tree Block.

As we are wrapping things up, let's have a special show'n'tell from all the Interest Groups.  Bring any project, finished or not, that you have been inspired to sew this year.  We also want to invite you to participate in the Member Speed Trunk Show (see in the Programming section for details).

And speaking of inspiration, we would love to see where you create; send us a short video (1 to 2 minutes), no sound recorded, we will show it at the meeting and we will have members narrate their sewing room video.  For those interested in participating, send an email to

Well, that's it from me.  As I am about to pass the baton to Paula, I want to thank you for reading this newsletter all year long!
Happy stitching,

Caroline Garnier Janny

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the newsletter are welcome, please email me. I would also love to hear of any quilty news or ideas for content you'd like to share.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.  

    Kelly Eskin

    2019 had a lot going on!  Here is a recap of all the wonderful making and giving we have done this past year.

    Meals on Wheels
    Place mat donations in 2019: 132
    Place mat donations June 2018 - Jan. 2020: 527

    Calls for Blocks
    Charity Mailing: 128 heart blocks and 51 HSTs sent to Quilter’s Healing Hearts for Christ’s Church for the mass shootings in New Zealand, 3 quilts sent to the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild for flood victims in Omaha, Nebraska, 1 quilt was sent to El Paso Quilter’s Association for mass shooting victims, 9 quilts were sent to Quilts of Compassion in Toledo,OH(They distribute quilts to disaster victims).

    Currently we have 2 finished quilts. We have 10 quilts that need to be quilted and bound if any guild members would like to help out.

    Two quilts were made with Road to Tennessee blocks donated by members.  We still have blocks remaining to continue to make more quilts.  Keep those blocks coming!

    We would like to thank all of the OMQG members who have contributed their time at home, at the Daytona Retreat and at OMQG Sew Days to help provide these wonderful quilts to people in need!

    Festival of the Trees
    A beautiful quilt was donated and we should know at the February meeting how much money was raised from the raffle for the Orlando Museum of Art.

    Another beautiful quilt was sent to show at QuiltCon.  The theme this year was TEXT and the color palette shades of gray. Inspired by our Community Outreach drive for this year, our quilt has been designed around the word HOME, using log cabin blocks, and HOME written in different languages. Once the quilt is back, it will be donated to the Zebra Coalition.

    Zebra Coalition
    15 quilts were donated in November.  We still need about 7 more twin size (or close to twin size) to make our goal.  I know we can do it! We will have a final show and tell at the February meeting.

    We donated one quilt to Access Charter school for their school auction.

    And, I wanted to thank Jan B and those that have made so many drawstring bags for the kids aging out of the foster care system.

    I love being apart of this guild and the members who give with such a wonderful hearts.  Please continue to make place mats for Meals on Wheels and Road to Tennessee blocks.

    We are also collecting and sending 12.5" tree blocks to the Wollongong MQG for those affected by the Australian brush fires.

    Yanick Booz

    End of Year Wrap Up
    Let's share what you worked on with any Special Interest groups. Group leaders and members are invited to share any positive experiences, skills learned or completed projects. Bring it to the February meeting for a special Show and Tell.
    New Year Challenge
    If you lost your Sewjo over the holidays, we want you to rediscover your creativity. Pick up that book/pattern you were once excited to make. Project does not have to be completed by the end of this challenge but actual sewing has to have taken place. Bring your progress to the March meeting. 
    Member Speed Trunk Show
    Let's share our love of Quilting in February.  Bring your favorite quilt project to share with the group. It should represent a project in which you learned a new technique or that you loved making. It's a great opportunity to share a bit of you.

    10 Years in the Making BOM
    Thanks to everyone who participated in our BOM lottery celebrating our guild's 10th year! Debra J. organized this year's block each month with the idea of making a sampler quilt at the end of the year. Each block had an element of gray or white and you could make blocks for the lottery and one for yourself. Bring your blocks or quilt to share in February. (Imaginary bonus points if you made all 12 blocks into a sampler!)
    Please contact Ede or Yanick for any programming ideas, or send an email to

    Alissa Lapinsky

    Timna Tarr will come and teach her Stitched Mosaic on Saturday, April 25th.  Registrations will start at our February meeting.  Please note that your payment holds your spot.  The fee for the kit will be collected on the day of the class. If you want to learn more about Timna, go and check her website (HERE).
    Locally, Globally, and on the Web
    • I hope you're all reading Modern Monthly, the MQG quarterly magazine, it alway full of inspirations and interesting article.  This month, Dimi Atanasova's article, Quilt-Life Balance, as well as the link she shared on the Importance of Hobbie, got my attention.
    • Tthe Infinite Stitches Quilt Show 2020 is coming to the Crystal River Armory in Citrus County, on February 28 and 29th at the Crystal River Armory in Citrus County.