Member Highlight - Meet Pamela Edwards

Meet Pamela Edwards
Pamela graciously accepted to answer a quilty version of the Proust Questionaire.  Pamela is a new-ish member of the Guild, next time you see her go and say Hi! (I know I will ask her about her vegan, plant base cooking classes).

1.What is your idea of the perfect quilt?
One that is well made and has a beautiful design.
2. What is your idea of the worst quilt?
One that is not sewn together properly.

3. What kind of quilter are you?
I am a beginner quilter. I have many quilts started and have to concentrate on completing them before getting excited about a new project.
4. Which quilters do you most admire?
Amish and the Ladies of Gee’s Bend, Alabama
5. What is your most treasured stash of fabric?
6. How does quilting make you feel?
7.Which quilting technique you most likely to ignore?
Hand sewing the binding.
8. On what occasion do you take a short cut in quilting?
Sewing the binding on the machine.
9. Which part of the quilting process do you enjoy the least?
Cutting my material incorrectly and layering the quilt.
10. Which part of the quilting process do you enjoy the most?
Picking out fabrics for my stash. I do not always know what I will make ahead of time. 
11. Which tool do you use most?
A Rotary cutter and seam ripper
12. For whom do you quilt?
I have quilted for my family, friends and those in the community.
13. Would you prefer to quilt solo or in group?
I enjoy both. 
14. Apart from quilting, which other talent do you have?
I teach vegan and plant-based cooking classes. Also, I am Children’s Ministry leader at my church.
15.Which quilting technique would you want to learn?
There are several I would like to learn: Long Arm quilting, Foundation piecing and new techniques for English Paper Piecing (EPP) 
16.What do you consider your greatest quilting achievement?
Completing a quilt.
17.Where do you quilt?
At home on my sewing machine.
18.What is your most treasured sewing machine?
My sister and I first learned to sew around 11 or 12 years old and we had a child sewing machine which we quickly learned was not good enough to make our own clothes. We saved our money and purchased a Kenmore machine.  It unfortunately was stolen, but it will always be a treasure for me. 
19. How do you keep your sewjo/quiltjo?
Starting new project. 
20.Who are your favourite fabric designers?
I do not have one.
21.Which is your favourite quilt designer?
I do not have one.
22. In which quilting category would you fit?
I like to make wonky quilts or to change a traditional pattern. 
23. Would you have recommendations, quilty related or not?
I would recommend everyone to get in a healthy lifestyle to improve their health.
24. Any final words?
I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. The joy on someone’s face when they have enjoyed your work.


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